€115 / £99 Shorts

Been shopping for shorts today and spotted some Polar Big Boys and 93 jeans and shorts.

Was kind of interested until I saw the price tag.

I’m pretty certain one pair was going for €125?!? But the main price for shorts was €115. That between £95-99.

I get that Pontus is always trying to deliver quality goods (which he is) but I’m not sure that justifies the asking price.

An £85 Palace hoodie is mad enough.
€115 for a pair of shorts is something else.

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I too am stuck with late 90s prices in my head

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£85 hoodie seems quite alright now. Cheap clothes just ain’t rate, I have a lot of cheap rammel that’s unworn, just kick it around the room. Better to get somert more expensive that’s gonna fit good, look good, wash good and you’ll actually wear.

Gramicci shorts are pretty good though for the £60ish mark

18-20 year old me with a credit card would have been all over them shits, especially the 93 ones. I think Droors were around £80 a pair back around '98-99ish, which adjusted for inflation is just under £125 :+1:

Apologies, I am talking about jeans not jorts, but my head always thinks in prices 20 years back when I shouldn’t as inflation is a thing.

The Palace £85 hoody days are long gone now…


Baglady do nice Big-Boy style shorts for a ‘bargain’ £70 if you’re in the market for massive stonewashed jorts.

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I bought some baggy jeans from ASOS for £18, compared them to a mates polar ones and they were nearly identical sans branding. I think it’s bollocks talking about being anti establishment or whatever and then selling your own shit at high prices. It’s like when car companies market their stuff as “the true drivers car” and then it’s a million quid.


Do their features include -
4-way stretch?
Invisible zips?
Belt loops?
Proper cuts & colours that don’t make you look like a desperately aging 40+ guy at a student party?

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No they came in white or a weird green stonewashed denim with really obvious labelling in the rear right hip.

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Seems like a normal price to me, well for higher end skate clothing anyway, I’m pretty sure Stussy or Fourstar shorts would’ve been roughly the same price back in the 90s.

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Jeans perhaps. But I’m talking shorts. That’s half the material used for a pair a trousers.

Around 1986/7 things like Life’s A Beach pants were £40, the equivalent today is £120-£125. The shorts were maybe £5 cheaper. A couple of years later and Stussy, Jive and Fuct pants came along. The prices went up but were, in real terms, still in the same kind of price range. That’s what things cost. You can buy them or not. Just saying.

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My man Ben going in on the issues of today

If the guy could actually dress himself properly and wasn’t wearing his shorts like some kind of geriatric then they would be below knee. Ben, whatever you’re doing won’t make a great cover shot so you don’t need to cover your nipples. Just sag ‘em a little dude.

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Can someone give me a quick rundown on Ben please?

He gives them a thumbs down for not reaching past his knees despite being advertised as such.

Mentions they’re made in Turkey

The thing is, speaking as someone who has made about 10 pairs of trousers, albeit fairly slowly, if people are being paid properly and materials sourced ethically, all shorts would be £99.


The Canadian got money to burn

Cliff notes

Size 34 snugger than the same in FA
Likes the red logo matching the red patch on his NBs
Dads over bros
Satisfied customer