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So, here’s a thread to reminisce on the good and bad of thd last year and what we hope for the next.

First off, a huge thanks to everyone here (especially Spanky for behind the scenes magic) for keeping me entertained, interested, educated and sane. I got to say the general vibe here has always been supportive which is what we all need right now. Hopefully next year we get back to the tonk beef and bants a bit more.

My year had a lot of pitfalls but also a lot of blessings. My wife beat her breast cancer, i finally left Malta and got back to Belgium, I self-published my first book, and my family and friends are ok despite having caught covid.

Next year I hope to continue my journey to become more actively responsible towards my environment and maybe break out of the everyday routines a bit. I’ve got one coke left in the fridge, hopefully the last. I’m also working hard on my second book that some of you are aware of and I hope it will be a success. If the stars align I should have something to show by the end of the year.

Happy New Year!


Was having loads of fun and learning new things skating at the start if the year. Hopefully be back on that horse soon enough.

Our daughter finally started sleeping for more than 2hrs at a time as well. If the sleepless nights dragged on through the year I would have gone totally bananas.

Here’s to the next 365 days…

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At what age did this happen?

Just after her 3rd birthday.

You probably didn’t want to hear that.



You are goddamn absolutely spot-on. Hoped for “ten months” there because this is getting a little tedious now. Still, congratulations!

For balance ours started sleeping through at about 6 months, with a bit of training (and after 6 months of a couple of hours at a time).

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2 years old sleeps 13 hours straight, they really are all different @buildafire - certainly no set formula.


Weirdest thing happened to us. Daughter was really colicky and refluxy until around a year old which explains trouble in that period. However after that she would sleep for a few hours at a time but also require being settled with some music and company for about 40 mins to an hour for the next year. Takes a chunk out the evening. This lasted until 2.5 years old. Granted lots of upheaval with spending 2 months in sf and then moving to Sydney so understandable, I guess.

2 months ago we went camping and since then she gets into bed, two quick stories and she’s out for 12 hours straight.

Point of all this is that they’re unpredictable and each one is different and it will sort itself out in the weirdest and most unexpected way, so don’t force it.

Also ciarans advice around removing side panels of the cotbed were also a game changer but I think yours is still a bit young right now?


Also I hate the fucking term ‘game changer’ and apologise for using it. New Years resolution to not use that term and to increase my ire towards the incorrect use of ‘humbled’ even if it means addressing it on people’s humble brag linkedin job acceptance posts.


We bought so many ‘game changers’ and nothing made anything any different. Stuff like my jacket crinkling or Tapper Zukie became the things that soothed.

The Sleepy Head (this padded sleeping pod thing) helped for about a week but nothing else recommended by experts did fuck all good.


Agreed that this place has been, on the whole, positive for me this year. Lots of lurking from me with the occasional comment…

Wishing you all a happy new year and the best for 2021


If you have a smart speaker or something then pure white noise worked for us quite well. Just the default google home white noise lasts for 12 hours or something.

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Need to get back to that. The Dyson only provides about five minutes of white noise at a time.

And yeah, she shall remain caged for now. Ten months.

ive got 4 year old twin boys - just consider the first 2.5 years an investment. Sleep was our crack. It does get better.

Double feeding at 3 am on a Tuesday - dark days but so worth it now. One likes skateboarding and one hates it. Not a bad return :slight_smile:


Kind of hoped for twins, on the off chance my wife decided she’d prefer to have two - so it’d be out the way - but holy shit I salute you. I can’t imagine how you’d sleep, ever. Or do anything.


thankfully we got them on the same night feed routine eventually… fully appreciate how sleep deprivation is a torture technique…its no joke looking for twin breast feeding youtube videos at 3am…


particularly if the mrs is going banzai saying she doesnt want a video with an american accent!! WTF who cares


Bad 2020: Covid generally, had mental breakdown for 7 weeks, put 2 stone on, didn’t get to skate much.

Good 2020: conceived baby due very soon, got a better job 5 min walk away, Trump Baby fucked off, landed a mobbed switch heel for first time since about 2009.


Looking back managed to clear my credit car debt. My wife’s business really took off this year. We got a new(still 15 year old) car that we actually want. Started saving for a house. Covid has taken a tole on everyone’s mental health, but being more open and talking has helped everyone with that. Oh and we got a spyhnx.

Looking forward to 2021 hoping to keep plugging away at the savings. Hopefully the Mrs business grows as well as it did this year. I’ve got a couple of skate goals in mind I want to work towards.

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