2020 past 2021 future

2020 got skint , got skinny, skated loads and realised How much I drink .

  1. Not gonna predict anything because when try predict anything it turns out to be a missive jinx .
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I’ve been paid to not work for about 9 months which is never going to happen again, so that’s cool I guess. Relived being 20 again skating the park in Hove every day with the same crew, experiencing that again at 31 was a definite highlight

Same as above not going to make any predictions but hoping to be less lazy and depressed, and also do all those things I didn’t get to do for most of the year.

And spend less time on my phone, although I might need some outside help with that one.



Happy new year fellas, we made it!

Feel a little guilty saying this as it’s been a shit shit year for most people, but 2020 was pretty good to me, obviously shit in a lot of ways but I had some good stuff happen and I’ll probably look back on some things about it quite fondly. Weird feeling.

I really do hope things go back to normal soon though. I miss my family.


Happy New year everyone! Let’s hope it’s less mental than last year

Happy new year everyone!


Last year has just been bad news, injuries, deaths, bad habits, worse health, Bigup 2021. Physio says I can skate from today after a 3+ month injury period though, gonna go car park solo it with my speaker and then go watch the sunset down the canal. Bigup you all!


Limited instagram to 5 mins a day (see how that goes) and made a major cull dropping from 400 following to 229.

And to you and everyone else on here


  • Skated loads, learnt loads of tricks, did not get hurt
  • Got my driver’s license
  • Did my first tattoos
  • Made mugs and greeting cards and everything was quickly sold out
  • My grandma got Covid but had no symptoms or anything and is fine now
  • My girlfriend got a new, good, well paid job she likes
  • Started doing the intermittent fasting thing and lost 5 kilos, feeling in better shape now
  • Built my first ever grind box
  • Adopted 2 gorgeous chickens and called them Thelma and Louise

I’ll be stoked if I can keep on learning new tricks, not get hurt and draw and tattoo more. I want to buy good power tools and build shit too.


Man that is so rad that it also worked for you. Good to hear!

2020 was a mixed bag for me - All my projects evaporated between the end of March and early September - thankfully the Covid payment was pretty useful and was an experiment in Universal Basic Income which meant I could do some other graphic design based projects, bike infra advocacy and get the ball rolling with a skatepark/pump track a couple of km away. At the start of lockdown in March I made a big to-do list and got the vast majority of it done.

There was a week long stretch at the end of August where I was in contention for a full-time job, a 4-month on-set project on some spy-based TV show filming here and another full time job I’d applied for back in early March. The first 2 went no further, which means I’m now 3 months in with a tiny agency doing some cool work. We have some interesting projects lined up for the next couple of months, so looking forward to getting stuck in with that.

In general

  • Skated the local park a lot
  • Trained a lot
  • Swam a lot
  • Cycled a lot
  • Finished off a lot of DIY crap around the home
  • Played a lot of football with my son - WFH means I take him to training 3 times a week and it’s been awesome to see his progression.
  • Stoked on in the local improvements with bike lanes, pedestrianisation initiatives and a bigger modal shift toward active travel.

In 2021 I’m aiming to

  • Read more books (an annual attempt)
  • Get up earlier in the morning, fart around less, stop wasting time online
  • Train with more focus
  • Resume kickboxing/Muay Thai
  • Continue the design side projects
  • Get the local skatepark done and learn some new tricks instead of pissing about with the usual 5 things I can do.
  • Calm down and stop imagining arguments with everybody (family, drivers, terrorists, childhood bullies, etc.) either before they happen, or digging up old ones for a second attempt.
  • Be less angry, defensive and stop always defaulting to a negative response.
  • Get some more financial investments sorted out, eventually.
  • Build a fuck-off huge to-do list/matrix/web and get loads of cool things done.
  • Write more lists with bullet points, fuck yes.

How many forumers does it take to change a light bulb?

One, Ciaran.


2020 was a rollercoaster for me, so many ups and downs.

Spending loads of time with kids.
Loved having time off work.
Good weather so lots of walks with kids.
Had time to make some music, albeit, most still jams in need of more work.
Enjoyed not having to socialise.
Still managed to make ends meet.

Having to take so much time off work because of no childcare.
Wife in new job and having to work insane hours.
In hindsight, not seeing relationship changes for what they were.
Not being able to have or give space to breath.
Not keeping up with kids education.
Missing the weekly meal out as a family.
Wife not being able to deal with or express her issues which made me react in a way that made it worse, perpetual motion resulting in an explosion.
End of a 22 year relationship.
Complete change and the worst feelings I have ever felt.
Getting corona, at the completely wrong time.
Dislocating my shoulder and not being able to get it looked at, hopefully it’s not too bad.

Learn from past, not so much mistakes but more awareness.
Make peace with the situation, let myself move on.
Get out there and talk to people.
Not rush straight into anything, I have never been single so I should take advantage of single life for a good while.
Spend quality time with kids.
Take advantage of my new free time and get doing the infinite amount of things I have always wanted to do.
Make more and finish music.
Start a new band with friends (in the works)
Start a label.
If it all works out in keeping it, make my house the home I want it to be.
Not be lazy.
Skate more and exercise, walk, eat healthy, start enjoying food again.

There are probably so many more things in each category but I can’t think.


True that. Weather was pretty amazing in 2020.

I would really try and find some rehabilitation techniques for that online. Shoulder injuries can become real headaches if they’re not remedied properly.

Agree, by the loos of it though, shoulders are complicated, I have no idea if and where the damage is, feels like there is as it’s clunked in and out a few times moving the wheelie bin and such.

Also, do we have a health thread? I have a nutri bullet blender and the novelty wore off at the start of last year but I want to get back in and have regular breakfast blends to start me off right each day, need some recipes that are ideally milk free, or if the milk is masked, lacto free at least. Any suggestions you healthy bunch?

Will post in here properly at some point.

Do this before bed and leave it in the fridge overnight -

  • Frozen fruit (berries are best)
  • Rolled porridge oats
  • Dash of turmeric
  • Mixed nuts and seeds if you like a chewy smoothie
  • 4-5 pitted dates
  • Spoonful of dried coconut
  • Mix with oat/coconut/almond milk. These are all flavoured and really add to the smoothie. Don’t use dairy milk, bad idea. You can also make your own at home with the nutribullet - 1 part oats to 15 parts water apparently.

You’ve got to let it sit overnight for the oats to absorb the milk and for the frozen berries to defrost. You can add a bit of protein powder if that’s your thing, or spinach, kale and avocado. The leaves should be dunked in a cup of boiling water for 5-10 secs just before blending to get them tender.


Bought my wife a blender for exact same reasons. She found this site with a load of recipes.


Holy shit I need to buy a juicer

I think with the white noise the trick is you got to have it quite loud. At least as loud as they are crying (if they are crying). Also different frequencies of white noise makes a difference apparently

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