411 geekery - Wheels of Retrospective

Long shot to say the least but hoping there are some video geeks like me out there - does anyone remember a 411 where Lance does the contents intro with some dude who for the life of him can’t say “Wheels of Fortune” properly - ends up saying “Wheels of Retrospective” instead?

This does ring a bell but I can’t remember which issue that was in off the top of my head. Damn…

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Found it. Issue 27. Skip to 1:33 for the comedy goodness. Also a banging Adam McNatt profile to 'Maiden in there.


Man I miss 411. Such a good issue this, eS South Africa road trip with The Obvious Child playing, so good.

edit: shame you can’t hear the tune on this clip.

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I just typed 411 into YouTube because I had to listen to the opening music.

@Spanky you were talking about Kostons switch 270 heel the other day. I opened a random one and there it was. (32 secs in)



That’s the exact one!