Actually going skateboarding thread

No way!!! Stoked to see you on here!

Man GBH parks. Wonder how much they profited from the rubbish they served up all over the UK

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And another like for that wagon, I missed it if it was in the Cars thread previously.

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Didn’t these guys evolve from Rare Unit or Zebra Ramps or something? I have probably imagined that.

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made a pop shuv up the local park generation gap today. Plus a 5-0 to tail backside rev. Good times.


Rolled around on my board for the first time in ages with my daughter on her push bike. After a while she wanted to try my board. She’s only two and half and was loving it. She even had a go by herself.


Had a short roll with gf’s nephews, one is 3 and loves standing on it, the other bit older, more cautious but getting braver each time. Hopefully the start of a lifetime love for the plank life. Great to have a roll about in the sun.


Taken a couple of pastings last couple of days and loving it. Feeling more and more confident again in my abilities.

I don’t think I lost them but got shook, and didn’t want to boost melons over spines anymore and was coerced into one the other day.


Went out with the intention of skating some obscure crusty Cov spots today. Had a good one!


@BDF @tbk11

They’ve only gone and built a skate plaza in Trumpington, SW Cambridge -

It’s complete now

I used to skate a park and ride carparks that’s literally next door to the plaza. Jokes


Looks like Pioneer has sacked off the guidelines! Good on em and they can claw back some revenue and us old cunts can skate there again.

Once lockdown is fully over let’s also do a forum meet up for those that can make it .


:fire::fire: Hell yes!

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Interesting. I’m scouting out a decent curb near mine for a gentle reintroduction to skating again. Might need some new wheels and bearings and considering going full midlife and putting some rails on


Enjoyed pushing round a new-ish DIY spot over the last couple of days


that looks banging, any ideas if it’s got lights?

Doesn’t look like it but the area is still fenced off (the skatepark itself is open). It’s possible they’ll put some in

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Actually went to The House for an actual skate tonight and it was brilliant!
When life gives you lemons a frontside 5-0 on a mini can reset everything. Buzzing for next time already, and I’ve only been home twenty minutes :slightly_smiling_face:


Also went to an indoor skatepark for the first time in ages. Slammed super hard on the mini ramp vert wall in the first ten minutes but had a really fun skate overall. Couple of quality beers afterwards, making plans and talking shit…very good vibes. Definitely quite life affirming.


There’s something really cool about indoor parks when you’re there and there are no kids on scooters or anything that bothers you, it’s just you and your mates and some other skaters and it’s lit as people used to say a few years ago. I miss those intense skates, I’ve pretty much only skated on my own since Covid turned into a new normality.


Pissing about tonight, was fun…


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