Actually going skateboarding thread

I’ll pay 20 pints to whoever can frontside slappy the thing I skated!

Had a sick weekend of skating. Set off early Saturday and skated this rad ‘secret’ DIY spot some of the Newport skaters have made. You can see two of the obstacles in these clips but there’s loads of funny stuff to skate there.

Then headed to Monmouth skatepark which was ok but pretty busy and slightly weird layout which makes it hard to hit a lot of stuff. Couldn’t even land this trick because it took so long between attempts due to having to jump off for this one dickhead scooter kid who was constantly in the way.

Then we went on to Camp Hillcrest where we got on the beers and skated the park. Slept in my van under a towel because I forgot a sleeping bag and pillow. Loved every second. Camp Hillcrest is absolutely sick and it should be a must visit for every UK skater.

My daughter also won the cookery prize at the Eisteddfod (Welsh national schools competition) and got herself on TV on Friday which should probably go in the stoked thread :smiley:


yeah not a bad place if you’re photographically inclined, rest of it’s falling apart though and slated for demolition.


A nice skate around tonight, shouts to the cygnet crew :swan:


Stoke Plaza trip was well worth it! Cant believe not been before. We’re spoilt for choice with parks nowadays :man_white_haired:


went to skate the recently resurfaced haversham mini last night, stopped at tyringham on the way home to chill next to the river then went and bombed a hill i haven’t skated in years twice

forgot how fucking massive it was the first time and was already going way too fast round the first blind bit to run out of it (tonk swellbow on left arm from slamming monday night i’d rather not fall on) or slow down so just had to ride it out. there was a lad on the path walking his bike up i had to scream at to get out of the way (was actually one of the homies biking home from skatepark funnily enough) then had to hold on the last 100 or so metres of speed wobble before taking the corner round the roundabout. started walking back up and the lads had all stepped off up top ffs

great time


hill bombs are my absolute favourite, love that ‘oh fuck I might actually die this time’ feeling you get

I like bombing hills but just can’t work out how to powerslide to check speed. Maybe I’m not leaning back or unweighting enough. It’s something I really want to learn.

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New park been built about 1 mile from where I live



That looks nice. It seems roomy. I wish more uk parks had that much space.

You’ve just made me realise that I’m only about 10 miles away from there now. Pretty good park from what I recall but maybe I had it quieter.

Took this one there the one time I went years ago


Are you attempting them frontside or backside? Backside ones are pretty tough. Frontside are much easier. I assume you’ve tried them on flat first before a hill, right? Play around with where you place your front foot.

Edit - just to expand. If your front foot is too low then it’s hard to actually turn your board into the 90 degree motion needed. If your front foot is too high then it just becomes a revert. Obviously, the balance between the two is what you need to find. Try find some really smooth ground and just play around with them.

Also, for powerslides you really need to go fast and lean back. The actual motion is all in the hips.


I can’t powerslide on anything other than polished concrete or I go fucking flying

Uuugghhh I felt that one…

I’ve been trying frontside. Thanks for the tips, I’ll have a go tonight.

Interesting. Never really thought too much about foot placement.

For me it’s about unweighting, leaning back the correct amount (too little and I’ll fly forward, too much I slip out and I’m on my arse) and getting those shoulders turning quickly to be perpendicular to the direction I’m rolling in.

It’s like you’ve got to achieve a certain speed threshold too: too slow and you’re more likely to deadstop and pitch forward.

Oh and wheels that are pretty hard will help too.

The same principles probably apply to backside, but I’m shit scared of them.

If you carve into a power slide on a Hillbomb you’ll start feeling it under your feet, like if you weave in and out and then just lean back it’ll happen, brace those shoulders!


for me powerslides are almost like snowboarding. frontside ones i sit back like there’s a chair behind me. backside ones i lean hard on my toes and pray i don’t catch an edge


Once you’ve been snowboarding I think backside power slides seem much more accessible!

I agree with whoever says just start carving hard downhill and the powerslides should follow. Just make sure you’re keeping your weight balanced enough so you don’t overcook it.

Had some very bad slams from overconfident downhill powerslides in the past…camping/cider/hill back from the pub in Cornwall/waking up stuck to my sleeping bag by my own scabs.


Couple of hours solo session earlier. Seem to have hit a barrier trying to get old basic stuff back - trying to relearn fs 5-0’s on my ledge and I’ve got the fear of leaning back. Putting it down to being oldish at 43 and over cautious.

Good time and glad to get a bit of peace and quiet!

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