Actually going skateboarding thread

I like that Windsor Park that had the rubbish metal obstacles but also has the lovely long concrete ledge


Used to skate there when I lived there. Just past Combermere barracks. Now I’m Carlisle if anyone is passing through? Our indoor park is moving soon so look out for that.

Went out ‘street skating’ (technically at least) today after a fairly grim second week in school. Was on a proper downer all morning but skating a patch of rough paving slabs with the Mrs and daughter for an hour made me forget about it for an hour or so. My trick bag has leaked so much that I can barely do anything these days but for an hour, it didn’t matter.

Back to school with fucking visors, masks, social distancing and a 99% chance of a full Leeds lockdown tomorrow.

stoked (not).


“Liking” the Mrs/daughter/forgetting aspect, not the visors/social distancing/potential lockdown!

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Had some amazing sessions during lockdown, the whole situation has been really good for bringing the local crew together at large outdoor carpark spots. Skated street more this summer than I have done for a very long time!

called my bluff there

free evenings/weekends if you are around

I will skate tonight if anyone wants to. Anywhere floodlit and within an hour or so from London.

Will drive if anyone needs help.

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Technical street skating you say? Hmmmn, I’m a big fan of that :wink:

Seriously though, I hope all goes well with school. My sister’s a teacher and has just gone back so I get where you’re coming from.


Thanks mate

up for this ladz

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