Actually going skateboarding thread

I think for it to be mildly fun you have to get a fast one.

Even though it’s a lake, and even though I’m 42 and not 8, Jaws did a good enough job on me as a kid to make me permanently think a shark is coming for me when I lie on water.


Keep me in the loop.

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just been out bombing hills in the countryside as the sun set, bladdy beautiful

edit - feck it here’s some pics cos it was lovely

filmed it landscape for insta story soz


Could go in just about any thread…


Hmmm. Sort of potential fun to be had for a bit of a dump.

Bristol area people: does anyone know of any metal/wooden minis in North West Bristol? I can only find concrete parks.

The thing I’m taking this picture on is for bmxers I think. Feels like a 6 foot vert ramp.

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Is that Thornbury?

There’s a mini ramp in Portishead that looks vaguely ok. Still North of Bristol…might be worth the drive.

Or just go and skate one of the concrete parks? There’s loads.

Yeah it is. It’s got the same manny pad thing that Dinas has so I basically just skated that.

Yeah that ramp looks OK. Might try and get there before dark tonight.

I’m just not ready to slam on concrete yet!

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right the forecase is fucking atrocious for saturday so london is looking like a no go, think i’ll head down on the 7th august instead

@neddy could try do next monday over oxford way?

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I can do next Monday after 6.30ish

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Me and my girlfriend sometimes rent a pedalo for an hour. We cruise around and drink beers listening to cheesy old rock or the Love Boat theme or some stupid shit and it’s always good fun.
We usually “sail” around the Ile de Peilz because rumor has it that Switzerland gave it to Elisabeth II but she said she didn’t want it when she found out she’d have to pay taxes for it. I don’t care about that but it’s enough for me to pretend I sail from Switzerland to the UK when I’m actually just being an idiot drinking Brewdog cans on the lake by my house.


I am so very very excited about this. It is going to be fun


Longest journey without skating you say? Nottingham, you say?


Sounds like a laugh and the tracks looks fun!

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I might, might, actually reach to this. Might bring my kid and all

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Ultimate forum meet surely.
I’ll have a 3 hour 12 minute drive.


definitely getting out for that

Derby so ever so slightly further

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Can I get a lift?

I don’t think i’ll be passed by then, backlog of people waiting most of this year but we’ll see haha

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