Actually going skateboarding thread

Gone for a little roll this morning. Need to go more I’m so stiff. Need a mini to cruise.

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Forced a few curb tricks out yesterday.


I’d like to get onto some kind of weekly session, anyone got one going within say an hour of oxford that I could sneak into?

Also, Wednsday Pioneer club? anytime soon folks?

Here’s a few tricks from this morning’s session. @neddy first three tricks are from Liam.


That thing looks fanfuckingtastic to skate, I’d love to have anything like it close to mine. One of your mates looks like Beetlejuice, and I’m saying that in the best way possible.


That’s Christian ‘Pirate Man’ Hart. It’s his skatepark and he made some amazing videos including this one:

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It looks wonderful.

I really struggle to skate most parks as they’re all huge these days.

Oh it’s huge. It’s huge and we are titans among men. It’s just the fish-eye that makes it look like a mellow bank to ledge.

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Haha, to rephrase - it looks like a skatepark and not a mega ramp park :smiley:

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Oh I always heard about Pirate Man but didn’t know it was him!
I love this video, I even sent a copy of it to a mate in the States!

A part of the Lausanne indoor park just got redone and it’s all small stuff, looks really good, can’t wait to go there next week!


40 tricks I learnt during my 40th year on this planet:


SOTY :clap:t2:

Fantastic! :sunglasses:

All done with awesome backdrops too.

Slug Of The Year? Haha.
Thank you mate!

Yeah I tried to pay attention to that, glad you noticed and enjoyed that! :hugs:

I did a new trick today. My first ever slappy front feeble. Not pretty, not very long, but you gotta start somewhere right?


Awesome! Never done a front feeble. I tried one once and hurt my foot, tweaking it too much trying to put all my weight on my toes. Bet it feels great. Might try again some day, it’s been too long since that silly attempt.

Yeah it’s a tiptoe trick versus a normal feeble which is a heel trick. Pretty fun…I got into a few longer ones once I got the feel for it but that was my first one. Every new trick at 46 is a joy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Rad. Where is that? The quarter in the background looks well fun :slightly_smiling_face:

Cogan near Cardiff. Curb’s the best bit!

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