Actually going skateboarding thread

Cool story for the school run though. Better than a CrossFit strain.

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Yeah that’s true all the mums are gonna think I’m sick.

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I actually went skating last night and fell onto my front. Unfortunately I clenched my fist and managed to punch myself in the ribs, which reallyhurt. That was in my first and last run if the night.

I also saw the This is Birmingham crew. Who were smashing it.

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Something kinda similar happened to me about 6 years ago.
Was knackered but thought I’d do a last trick, a switch nosewheelie, ended losing my balance mid-wheelie, somehow did some kind of backflip and smashed my foot on the ground. Mad blood under my big toe nail, did nothing about it, said nail eventually fell off and the new one that grew is just weird, it grows abnormally thick and not long (if you’ve seen bums in SF, you know what I’m talking about). It’s gonna be like that until I die said the podiatrist. Oh well.

Get that tooth fixed if you can. Hope it doesn’t hurt when you eat. Take care mate.

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Uh oh.

I bust a tooth doing a ‘rocket ollie’ (ollie in the style of a rocket air). Only did it that once though.

Hope yours is not too bad and easily fixable.


Deeyo banged this up today, breaking it in tonight from 8😍


I skated mini ramp today. Technically two mini ramps. Haven’t had a good mini ramp sesh for ages.


He forgot to paint chickens on it! :upside_down_face:


After my recent jaunt with bmxing, took the kids on a 3 skatepark road trip yesterday due to school holidays. Forced them to listen to minor threat for an hour. They were psyched, the little scooter shits.

Was forced to take one of them today to the local on my lunch break too.

Was good, finally getting used to my Ace 55s after a rocky start.


Had my first session on my 55’s the other day, decided to give Bay Sixty6 a little go. Most obstacles where above my skill level especially on new loose trucks.

Grinding felt real nice though on the ledge and flatbar.

How you been finding them?

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They’re good.

I was riding 149s, so they’re a bit wider, which makes it hard to draw comparisons. They definitely turn different to indys though and am enjoying them. I was able to do a couple of new dorky lines at my local yesterday that I couldn’t quite hit, or didn’t even think of prior to riding them, so that’s a plus I guess.

Had a little sesh this morning. Bloody cold even indoors lads.


That place has potentially the funnest, low-impact set up I’ve ever seen. Need to get down there at some point.


Give me a shout if you do!

I’d actually love that @jimvo. I think we’d be on a similar wavelength skate wise, as you seem to skate like I (try to) do.

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@jimvo can come too!

Haha. Yeah sick, there’s a good scene here and I’ll happily come for a skate and drag a few people along!

Where is it? Looks well fun.

Spit & Sawdust in Cardiff I think.

Had a really good skate with some good friends I hadn’t seen in a while and some lovely chaps I’d never met before tonight, one of those where everybody is well pumped. Awesome. My mate tried a rad trick, I gave it a go too and we ended getting it back-to-back, shit was pretty romantic. Yeahyeahyeah.


Seconded, looks like the best park ever.

Yeah it’s Spit and Sawdust. In the process of planning to expand to almost twice the size, there’s a vert ramp outside, excellent food and quality beer! Music’s shit but that’s because Pirate Man runs the playlist :sweat_smile:


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