Ads, Patreon, Themes, Donations, Subscriptions to the forum etc

I’d like your opinion on a few things.

To ensure this place stays up and running for as long as possible I need your help. At the moment I am paying for hosting etc for this place out of my own pocket and from some small areas I have offered advertisers. I won’t be asking for a fortune but I’d like to ensure the forum is self sufficient.

So this is my proposal:

I am thinking of using Patreon ( for people to donate/subscribe to the forum (yes I hear the collective groan). For the very minimum monthly donation that Patreon allow me to charge (£1) I propose donators get:

  • No ads
  • A small icon next to usernames showing they donated
  • Dark mode templates
  • Access to all ‘Work Lurk’ templates

For larger monthly donations (like, I don’t know, £3?), Patreons are also able to help design a ‘work lurk’ template of their own choosing. eg if none of the ‘work lurk’ templates fit your profession, join the more expensive Patreon tier and I’ll create a ‘Suffolk Gardening Forum’ header or whatever. This would exist for any other donators to use, and for as long as the donator is still paying the higher tier.

People who don’t subscribe would experience:

  • Ads throughout the forum
  • No ‘work lurk’ templates

Does that sound palatable? Opinions? Ideas?

Would you pay for this? Results are anonymous:

  • I’d pay cheapest tier (£1)
  • I’d pay baller’s tier (£3)
  • I’d just put up with ads

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Is this live yet @Spanky

Yeah I’m keen now as I keep getting ads about rapey pick up artists.

how’s it going @Spanky? i personally don’t mind the adverts but happy to donate/patreon/whatever. what’s traffic looking like?

Nearly there, super busy rn with work though.

I had to make lowest tier $2USD as after charges we’d get fuck all.

I’ll do a proper post in next few days with all the tiers etc on, sit tight and stay tuned…

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I’ve been titting about with some code.

Subscribers/Patreons: if you are seeing ads when you shouldn’t be PLEASE LET ME KNOW. DM me or something.