yo im looking for a cheap, small skateboard. Wood or plastic, idc it doesn’t matter to me. I am 1.65 cm and I do not want to do stunts but just ride, on the normal road / footpath or down a road/hill. I am a beginner, which one do you guys recommend? Ty.

If you don’t care, just get anything. As long as it has rubber wheels not plastic that way you’ll at least roll.

Well wood.
Something for cruising the streets? You don’t want particularly small.
For comfort, go with a regular sized board of about 8" (contradicting myself on preferred board width) and some softish wheels.

Do NOT look in the ‘equipment’ thread. You’ll get confused and annoyed. Get to your local skater owned shop (or phone up one you like the look of) and speak to them. Next thing you know you’ll have a lovely board that’s perfect for you.

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No, look at the equipment thread then run for the hills or ride on your balance baord thingy and hope it does not blow your legs off.

Remember, whatever your choice, for pushing around the streets only, no stunts, you must push with your front foot and keep those arms out wide.
Note: front wheels must lift slightly when you push.

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What price you looking at? This would probably do it, 7.75" wide

I’m guessing they’re American? By saying that they are 1.65 cm tall.

Good point, even a tech deck will be massive


No - Americans use feet and inches, like us. So they’d say 5ft whatever. But they give their weight in just pounds, rather than stones and pounds. I’m thinking the person is from elsewhere in the world, where they use metric. Either way, they need soft wheels if they’re going to be just cruising on streets and not doing tricks. I’d go for 78a wheels, like Ricta Clouds


I just realised. I was thinking 1.65m, which google tells me is just short of 5 5”, whereas 1.65 cm is, like, less than an inch tall.

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