‘Assets’ by Quentin Guthrie

I’m biased because they are my mates but this is so sick. Quen absolutely killed it with the filming and editing. Boss :heart:


As put in the other thread. Very very good. This as well as the Monster edit and Primitive part coming out is a lot of Charlie Munro too. A board can’t be far off I would hope! The fakie crook at the end was very casual!

Very stoked at the use of the score from ‘Heat’. Quite a gutsy choice and completely backed up by the quality of the skating and filming.

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Thought the first track was a bit daft. Never go full Moby.

Very sick skating though.

Really good everything
Dale starkie is my favourite around at the moment I think.
Matlocks front nose nollie heel got a rewind, so proper.

ABD on Unapromo?
ÉDIT - nope, not ABD

Skating is amazing in this.
Stellar filming too.




And that’s why we need titles.

That’s my only criticism though - aside from that: perfect

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Is it not ABD from the tune on the original version of Steve Berra’s section from ‘The End’

Great vid though, lovely filming and skating.


That’s it - got my videos mixed up.
Berra is a toilet though so who cares?


Oops, I think I went by the YouTube chapter titles

Love Heat and the Moby credits song is iconic in the context of the film, in a London skateboarding scene not so much. Looks daft but respect for trying something a bit different from the current lo-fi emo/indie overload.

Aside from that edit was great though and again nice to see some timeless styles with no concern for being cool or trendy. Not a bad thing to say about the skating

I don’t mind music ABDs if they are a nod to an older video/part of culture that has inspired and influenced you.

Obviously you need to leave it a while… and not use a track that is synonymous with someone specific.

The only time someone has done it and it rubbed me up the wrong way was when Matt Hunt used Tom Knox’s Eleventh Hour song (or it may have been an alternative version) in one of his videos, that was way too soon for me and didn’t work.

Edit: Grammar.

Also, just watched. Fucking hell.

Dale and Dom are something special. Love your cameo @sk8arrog8

Incredible skating. Lots of new spots in there too that I haven’t seen before. Bravo!

Really liked the filming, but not feeling the editing or the music at all.

Why is the best clip (Massimo’s noseslide nolle heel out over the pavement) stuck on it’s own in the middle of the video? At first I thought this was a different/new skater, but the chapter title says it’s Massimo, who was one of the first dudes skating to the Heat soundtrack!

Also, really anti-climatic ending.

Yeah if I had one criticism it would be this.

What song you talking about?

Thanks x

I was talking broadly.

The End was 24 years ago.

I think 24 years for reuse of a song which wasn’t even close to legendary part level is fine.