Bad habits (Skate or otherwise)

Initially this thread was non-skate related because I’m not skating (who’d have guessed?) but I am a creature of habit and unfortunately I have a few bad ones.

Recently I started drinking Diet Coke again. It started with my wife buying me a Dr Pepper and it was a fast slippery slope back to the odd taste of artificial flavouring and colouring. Crazy thing is the first sip of Diet Coke after a long hiatus always tastes strange and not in a good way. It only takes one can though to get the urge again. Right now I’m on 2 cans a day. That’s below my old average which was 1.5l a day.
This time around I have definitely noticed that since I started drinking fizzy drinks again I have a lot more gas in me making me fart more and my digestion is a bit out of whack. I think this kind of proves the point that Diet Coke isn’t something to ingest.
It just sucks because in these testing times I feel like I need some sort of comfort thing. I’d rather have a few cokes than get back on the booze…

Skate related, I had a bad habit of shuffling my front foot which meant if the soles of my shoes weren’t solid I could wear through them in weeks. Kind of annoying.

I also shuffle my feet obsessively for tricks, it’s such a hard habit to break because it messes you up at first. It looks shit and ruins your shoes

If I don’t land a trick in a few goes and start going slower for some reason. Then when I do land it I have to do it again faster. Its time consuming

My only bad skate habit is never going skateboarding.



Always something to excess. Currently Cadbury’s Giant Buttons (100-200g a day) and I’m having to re-up on Amazon weekly. But in the past it’s been red wine, fags, FOBT, exercise so it could be worse.
It would be nice to wake up and not be compelled to do/consume something all the time.

Social media. If anyone has any tips for cutting down screen time I would massively appreciate it.

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I have to literally leave my phone in another room. It’s just force of habit for me to pick it up now.
Just deleted insta for maybe the 4th time this year. We’ll see how long this one lasts.

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Grabbing a beer on the way to skate. Not so much now as it’s so cold but in the summer always skated with a beer.

But then again haven’t skated since about September :frowning:

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Not saying hello to anyone at the spot/park. Just keep myself to myself. Very bad habit. Should be friendlier.


Picking scabs off my shins/knees from skating. So gross yet so addictive.


Good habit. That’s very much what you should be doing right now. :smiley:

Over thinking. On and off the board.

Either focus them all, or delete the apps off your phone.

Messenger on fb is a standalone app so keep that if you don’t feel like being off grid so to speak

I focused everything for a year it was wicked.


Going skating instead of fixing my cars and doing the DIY and dealing with it the following week, where I go skating again and the cycle continues.

I focused all my accounts and went about a year with one of these:

It was a good time. I’m fully smartphoned up again now as I need it for work, but I don’t have a facebook account or insta installed.

Still fully addicted to checking this forum though.


Read this guy.


Biting my nails is a bad one and totally rank too. Always done it though. Guilty for wasting too much time on social media, especially while watching tv. I annoy myself with it.

Have a habit of grabbing a can of monster each time I go to work. I know it’s not good for me etc just seems to be a habit rather then addiction, as I don’t tend to get them when I’m not working and it’s only ever 1 a day.

Over think way too much. Sometimes create scenarios of things that might happen or could and it spirals causing anxiety and stress.

97% of the bad scenarios we imagine never happen. Remember that.

This is horrible and stupid, as saying hi to people and smiling isn’t really hard and will do you and everybody else good.


Yeah Spanky stop being so horrible and stupid all the time


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