Baker 4

Good shit

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Friday, kids in bed, off to man cave with some bevvies and shall give this a watch, if I can stop doing my work.

An hour and 17?
Im 33 minutes in and interest is fading fast.
Kader was good, the now and then thing. First trick as the now Kader, the 360 ollie was so one footed, liked that a lot, among other things.
Tristan and Dollin are nuts, but Dustin is wasting away.
Rest after that has been fairly unforgettable other than crazy loose trucks ‘Zach’, not encountered him before and wouldn’t be bothered if I never watch him again, just watching his trucks saw me through the part.
The tech guy, Pocoyo or whoever, who skates to the Spanish(?) tune was pretty good, but not stand out in the grand scheme of things.

Always loved that tune in Rowan’s section.

The Minnie Ripperton one?
Yeah definitely. I really love the 4hero version too.

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I didn’t want to cheat by looking it up, I knew that I knew who it was but gave up trying to remember.
Nice one.
Listened to Orblivion to sleep to the other night which has her Loving You sampled into it. So good.

Watched with a crowd last night so sat down to watch it properly this evening. Ended up watching the whole thing twice in a row. Honestly it’s so good IMO. I feel like it kind of tells a story over the length of it, from the super fast skating at the start to the three epic parts at the end. It did wain I the middle a by but I can’t think of many full length vids that don’t tbh.

My criticisms personally were just that it was pretty slow in places, lots of lingering shots of people rolling away and hanging around the spot. Also quite a bit of the interlude stuff didn’t wasn’t particularly interesting and dragged on sometimes. I feel like if everyone had gotten just like 4-5 more tricks each it could’ve been tightened up a bunch and only been cut down by 5 mins or so.

But overall I loved it. I’m a huge sucker for full length videos though, glad they’ve made a comeback in the last few years