Three observations:

  • Neither of those guys had style
  • How can you do switch inward heelflips and hatrd flip reverts but both struggle with a backside flip?
  • This is the second game with a guy wearing Cariuma. Are half the riders involved sponsored by them?
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When you see them in the same room as Steve Berra it makes more sense and they look good?

They’re basically these, except Fenchurch actually had roots in skating.

Ok let me rephrase.

You lose all credibility the moment you step foot in those shoes.

Find me a big name pro on a reputable board brand who’s sponsored by them…I’ll wait.


I’m going to guess they will be since the event is sponsored by them and that’s how marketing works.

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Again, credibility based on old mindset but yeah, I totally agree, that feeling will be around for a long time while there is an industry owned by old guard.

I can’t see a new industry emerging with someone like Shrock a the top, he’ll have his piece of pie but it will always be at arms stretch from legitness.

When Fenchurch was launched, the best quote I heard was “We’re making skate clothes, but for the Hackett crowd” and they were serious. Think it was Marc Ball who said it.


So, the TK Maxx crowd then. Job done.


He knew his own market well ha.

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All fair points, but I don’t like the whole of the Nike or adidas skate programme either. I like bits of it more than I like what Cariuma is doing, sure.

On the positive side Cariuma is Brazilian and I’d like to see a multinational brand grow from somewhere other than US roots, and they also claim to be ethically made and sourced.

But more than that seeing the big logo so much is brainwashing me into acceptance.

They are fucking honking that’s what’s off.


Totally stinking perhaps?

Lols !

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I didn’t like any sports brands entry into skating really but I have let go of that, there is too much good to ignore it all so I just judge stuff on individual merit and gloss over my opinions on what brands have what agendas. None of the skater owned brands are squeeky clean either.

Yes, like 10 out of the 16 ‘Joes’ in this ride for them. The sponsors dictating who enters, clearly.

I could see this competition falling apart when it comes to the other brackets with people pulling out.

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Jagger Eaton!

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He’s still way out on the fringes though, nothing legit about him apart from his level of ability.

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Ahhh yes :joy:

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Based in Brazil, sure, but the two guys who do it studied business at Harvard so it’s not like it’s some naive little start-up.

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Trevor Colden!

As an aside, I was skating in the market square in Nottingham the other week and a skater in his early/mid-teens was wearing those reeking Straye shoes with the flames up the side. I said something like ‘Nice shoes’ just to strike up a conversation and the kid basically said he bought them because he saw someone on TikTok wearing them. I feel like this is Cariuma’s demographic. I told him that Jamie Thomas rides for Straye as well but he just looked at me like I was talking complete nonsense.

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Trevor Colden? yuk ha


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