Major is just the primary focus of the degree, they have them over here too.

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Just got around to watching the Torey/Malto one and it was sick! Unexpectedly so. Totally blew my sweatiest competitor prediction out of the water too.

Was definitely one of the best games i’ve seen.

Latest game is relatively watchable on one side.

That Shane something though, fucking hell. That video should have had a warning before it. Good thing it hasn’t been posted here too.

Also if you have to adjust your trousers before every trick, you’re wearing the wrong trousers.


The best thing about that was the Titanic shirt!

That geezer is nowhere near good enough to be wearing ironic t-shirts. Need to be chucking yourself down 20 before you’re allowed to be funny with your t-shirt otherwise you look like a brian cant.

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I like the added irony of him wearing a Titanic shirt and fucking drowning in that game…


The fact he’s turned up to skate in the BATBs with that level of skill, tells that he is lacking in any self-awareness to be wearing that tee in a cool/ironic/comedy way and it probably is his favourite film to watch on mummy and son date night.

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Tried to find out what he was actually an influencer of and tbh I’m still not sure. He’s a model right, who just happens to skate at the level of every average teenage skateboarder?

Post the vid ffs.

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Jesus man, it’s not hard to find. Is your YouTube butler self-isolating?


Possibly thinks it’s some underground 90s thing.

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That Vinnie Banh guy looks like he’s been on the wrong end of a crack pipe for a while.


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Just to be clear, I was talking about the Eric guy in this match:

Pretty aesthetically pleasing on most of his tricks. Only person other than Shier to break a board in BATB (why does shit like that stick in my head?)

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Good style but a lot of his tricks were more slide than rotation. Slightly cheaty.

Cariuma branding still growing on me and a bit of an L for Nike when the guy wearing Dunks is wearing a Monster hat and wins with a pressure flip.

Why? What’s to like?


At first I disliked it. Thought it was too dominant. It’s starting to feel objectively no different to a tick or three stripes.

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