Its not objectively better or worse. The marketing is a bit full on but the shoes themselves arent offensive I think the main issue people have with them are the stinkers they’ve attached themselves to and the Harvard money thing

The logo is too big on the shoes, I think a lot of people feel that way. And it is, it’s overly dominant and also not that pleasing as a logo.

But the Nike swoosh, if it came out today, would probably be seen in a similar light. The Nike swoosh is objectively a better logo, but it’s still massively dominant branding, it’s just we’ve had 40 years to get used to it.

The shoes are stinking. They’re like a TK Maxx own-brand. At least with Nike and adidas you’ve got decades of shoe-making expertise making them comfy, plenty of choice, a team to support, confidence that they’ll last and knowing you’re putting money through a skateboard shop’s till.

And yeah, the Harvard/investment/business side is too far away from skateboarding for me. At least when Nike and adidas came in people were wearing those anyway. And with good reason.

The two Harvard guys who came up with Cariuma actually had the idea in a ski-lodge too. It’s all just horrible.


The swoosh is simple, and it’s (evidently) the perfect logo for a shoe. It represents smooth movement and speed.

This leaf thing has too many lines to be placed on a shoe, which is why it’s so big, and it looks like a cross between the Fenchurch and Delphi logos. Delphi was alright, and they used natural dyes and all that, but twenty years ago.

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Just been on their website.

The ones I thought looked ok in certain colours are outweighed by the rest. Theyre basically superga/superdry shoes and they’re eyewateringly expensive.

£90+ for canvas shoes doesnt scream built for skateboarding

Yeah. Totally interchangeable. Except that SuperDry actually came from a skate/BMX background and Cariuma didn’t.

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And things done right?

Cariuma logo looks like a spiderweb/fishing net.

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It varies quite a bit though doesn’t it, these are the worst example I can think of:

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Rarely. Nike reinterpreting their logo, one of the most easily recognisable brand marks in the history of the world, doesn’t really put them in the same place as a company with a shit logo.

That example is from 2013 too, I think.

I don’t think it’s a shit logo. I used to, but now I don’t. It’s a good logo.

I can very easily imagine the Nike swoosh looking super shit when it came out. It’s only familiarity that makes it seem attractive.

Phil Knight is also a business school graduate. I’m not a Nike or adidas fanboy and I have zero loyalty to them so Cariuma is just another shoe brand to me.

It was completely unique when it came out, like the soles of the shoes. Because they were good, it worked out.

This just seems like a RedBubble version of a skateboard/scooter/unicycle shoe.

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The first shoes I see on the Nike site, three with different shapes and positions:

The Cariuma logo is crap though, it just takes up too much of shoe imo.

Well not really. It came out in 1971 and it was designed to challenge adidas and Puma and was inspired by Asics (Tiger). It just made Phil Knight’s American running shoes look more like Japanese running shoes.

Apparently he didn’t even like the logo at first but it grew on him.

But yeah…I do agree that Cariuma is controversial and has contrived origins.

Edit: Check out some photos from the pre-Nike era Olympics. Puma, adidas and Tiger are the only recongisable brands. Nike was just trying to get some of that action.


In fact now that I think of it…maybe Nike is just a 1970s Cariuma. :face_with_monocle:

Let’s see what innovations they come up with nailed. Already nailed the ‘canvas shoe with a logo on the side’, so who knows what’s next?

They certainly nailed their timing , as said already the Olympics and now the big shoe brands dropping skaters for them to scoop up if the cash is right.
They’re gonna be in our face for a long time to come I reckon

2 logos on the side?

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It’s almost as if they studied business at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

And they’ll be clever enough to sell it off before the next slump in skateboarding

Hasn’t been one of those for a while, you reckon there’ll be one again? More likely their horrible marketing will make the new people think they’re actually part of skateboarding.

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