Be kind rewind

I donated 95% of my collection (along with a VCR that still wotks) to the skatepark because I’d rather see it put to goid usr stoking kids out that sitting in boxes and travel bags doing nothing.

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read that as “Korahn Gayle Great video part” We know it will be but it’s a little bit too up your own bum confident.


As if this was 14 years ago.


14 years!!! Jesus Christ I’m getting old to quick.

Via was an excellent video. Thanks for posting, I’m gonna watch it again with a cuppa tomorrow.

How many sick vids do we completely forget about in this day and age?
I just watched this again and it’s really good. Tons of guys skating crusty spots in Eastern Canada, New England and New York.
The noseslide to boardslide at 11:17 is so ill. Love it when you can tell somebody skated something and improvised, adapting to the spot. Far more interesting than another tech line at MACBA in my book.


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Jeremy Elkin has something pretty huge coming up. Not a skate video either.

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