Be kind rewind

Oops. Xmas Eve…

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I know absolutely nothing about any of the people in this video, but also agree 100% with this comment:
“Soundtrack, vibe and filming are out of this world”

Got me super stoked for a chilly winter session!

[have posted in this thread as already watched it 3 times + will likely come back to it in future]

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Just rewatched this. The nollie cab in that first line is so good…
Super low key guy. Good part.

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French Fred jogged my memory and I dug out this old part by a Lyon local Jeff Berthon.
It’s crazy to see the guy was doing the same tricks Wenning did in Photosynthesis 4 years earlier.

Also, on that note I’m starting to thing 1996-97 was a bit of a golden era for skate videos and the culture in general. Another gem from that era:


That was sick max, the long line he does at 1:50 ish was great.

What’s the tune from 26:54? This was boggling me last time I watched it.

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That’s ‘Your Ghost’ by Kristin Hersh (feat. Michael Stipe).

Sounds like a DJ Krush demo or something.

Ah that would make sense why I can’t find it. Shazam had no luck.

Funny how YT’s auto recognition picks up the original song as well.

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That’s a total guess, could be way off.

Well if anyone reads this and finds out I will owe you a Mars bar or something.

Sounds like a jazz version of ‘Fly me to the Moon’

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