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Glad you’re back


Went on a search for other videos released in 1991. Came across this Z-products Devastation video which I had never seen or heard of. Besides the infamous Z-Roller trucks, I remember full page ads for Z-products blank/team boards and I think their only pro rider George Watanabe?
Kind of stoked to see the video opens with full parts from Ricky Oyola and Fabian Alomar. A ton of riders I had never heard of in this.


"Arise skates video from 1990. Short lived company. I’m not too religious but this video has some pretty good Christian music.

Rudy Johnson and Gabriel Rodriguez are in this video. Also, this is probably the first skate video Eric Koston was in."


Probs ABP but a load of Manchester mid-90s footage by Rik Cooper



Nice, he pops by my local quite frequently and I always miss him :laughing:

Just popped up on my YouTube - were you over in the states then @Barf or is that a bit too early?


End of 92 yeah

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Carroll in the ‘Fucked Up’ Jason Lee Will Skate for Food Blind shirt. Siiiick.

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Always loved this video, but the YouTube version had been total shit until now.


I remember this having a bigger box than everything else.

Mine’s in a normal cardboard box, although it’s not quite the same as the one in the thumbnail there.

Ahh maybe I’m thinking of a different video. Definitely from the same era.

Pretty sure mine was similar as the one in the thumbnail.

Easter 97, 15 years old, first trip without the parents, off to Paris with a mate.
Bought this at Street Machine with a pair of Kastel Ronnie Bertinos. Couldn’t believe how good that Penny section was. That line in Huntington Beach, with the 5-0 180 out on the curved ledge… Salim Krim (Samir’s brother) took us all over the city centre for an all-day street skate. So welcoming. I was skating that Prime Caine Gayle board, the one Clyde skates in that legendary fakie front crooks picture. Green cargos. Shorty’s Black Magic hat. First cigarettes. Not a care in the world.

That was pretty much exactly 27 years ago and I remember it all so well. I sometimes listen to that Sadat X song again and it reminds me of how pumped I was during that trip. Thank you skateboarding.


May have been Real - ‘Kicked out of Everywhere’ ? That was released around 18 months after the TSA video and that came in a gigantic box for some reason.

True. I remember that.

I remember seeing a couple of snowboard videos that came with CDs of the video soundtrack. Always thought that was a great idea.

So did the DLX video, also 1999.

Oh yeah, that was Worldwide or something along those lines, eh. The one when the Stereo logo had changed and they went a bit hesh - music, JR Nieves and Dollin (possibly) and some Burnside footy. It was a bit of a switch up from Stereo’s previous deal and not really what I was expecting. I don’t remember much else about it.

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I was thinking of this…

Life in the fast lane was better.

Now I remember, Arcade video came in a big box too.

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