Beginner attachments

I’m a very early beginner (been riding for literally 2 1/4 days so far) and can do as much as a push and slightly ride downhill but even though and rode all together around 3-4 hours (both days combined). I’ve noticed some wear around the edges. I know skateboards aren’t supposed to look perfectly polished but I was wondering when the deck does give in, what should I do if I grew a home-like attachment with it? Is this normal to grow an attachment to every skateboard I will have in the future? Or might it be because it’s my first board which is a checkpoint in my skateboarding future?

@Mooch Don’t worry about the wear and tear. Each dent tells a tale and over time you will notice how the board wears in relation to what tricks you start learning. Such as the diagonal scratch on the nose from k grinds or nice localised wear in the middle from tidy boardslides.

I’ve still got my first legit board from the late 90’s which looking back hardly has any damage apart from a really worn down tail from skidding to a stop on rough car parks.

Boards are meant to be skated and you ain’t doing it right if they’re clean haha. In summer or when I’m skating a lot I go through a new board every 3 weeks or so. No time for attachment!

You will soon be stoked the more you wear it down because it shows you’ve been skating.

I still got my proper first deck in my folk’s house, from 2006.

I didn’t want to skate it properly, as it had a cool graphic and it was my first proper board (a Mike Maldonados pro board on Bootleg, had a load of nasty looking dags on it - was pretty cool when I was a kid and still is now).

Once I started to learn tricks properly and was trying slide tricks, I just gave up on trying to keep it ‘mint’.

Boards are meant to be skated, so don’t worry.