Yeah hopefully what can be saved, is

The Sunday morning oldies skate there has been my highlight of the last year, has been great being back there last coupe of weeks…

From last summer:

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I happened to search my Gmail for the word prissick trying to see if I had the photos lawrencium sent me many years ago but came across a really nice email a council lady called Roz sent at the time who helped us get whitley whitley bay park built

Dear Scotty Bod Marc Nic and Skaters

I have just found out today from a colleague in Stockton the sad news about Bingo. I was totally shocked. My colleague had rang to find out about our concrete skateparks in North Tyneside. I said that a good person to talk to would be Bingo at Mischief. I am really sad and shocked to hear about Bingo. I hadn’t been on Sidewalk for a while so didn’t know.

I first came into contact with Bingo and Bod when Scotty told me about Prissick Plaza. I went to visit Prissick Plaza with a colleague and loved the place. Though Bingo and Bod were able to tell me honestly what had went well with building Prissick .

I used to ask Bingo for his views on the plans when we were building our skateparks and he was always helpful and kind. Despite me not being a skater but having to learn about it and him always being very busy. I then came across Bingo via the UKSA but under his real name of Steven Binks so we had a laugh when I found out he was Bingo.

I cannot profess to know Bingo very well but will always appreciate how he helped me/our skateparks and I will miss him for that. I’ve been on Sidewalk today and seen the great tribute the skaters did at 5 Bridges for Bingo, a larger than life character.


Thats great.

It was nice over the anniversary of his death in that I was getting insta DMs from kids who’d grown up post-Mischief in the area. Thy were aware of Bingo via older skaters and the skate jam and knew him as a local legend - but this year, they’d seen a ton of posts around him and come to realise he was a national treasure extending far beyond the north east.

That was genuinely lovely.


Jam is going to be at 4Motion in Darlo which makes life easier for me but still would of liked Prissick, with the Bingo and Bod connection and being out doors with how things are but it’ll still be rad and great to support the park too.


Prissick plaza this Sunday 12 - 6pm


Nice to meet @dontcomply & @voodoo in person today :wave:

Here’s a quick minute from the jam, Mike Bennett will have the full edit soon…


Cool, yeah it was good to get to say hello too. I got a few clips that I’ll sort tomorrow. It was a really nice day by everyone involved to remember Bingo.

Edit: with added clips…

(account now shut back down to private, I open it up for 24 hours at the request of skaters in the clips I sometimes film).


great to meet you too mate, cheers for the wallride motivation - my knees definitely feeling it today :joy: cracking day all round.

you about for the sunderland thing next month?

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yeah a really good day, my arm’s dead from carrying that camera but hopefully got some decent footage, wallrides included!

hoping to be at Sunderland, just gotta check on work happenings

Found a carrier bag full of Bingo bootlegged albums he did for me back in the day. Just need to find a tape player now. Stoked on the memories.


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