Black Friday 2021

How very middle class

Slam mailout just came in, but it looks like every single product on their site is sold out. Literally everything

Not for me.

Decks are under trade price :sweat_smile:

That’s happened before, it’s a bug. Not actually sold out.

There’s a Thames ‘Brian’ that could be good for forum lolz with 40% off.


Could share it? It’d last about a year.


Longer if we use it for the game of skate.

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Post it over to me. I’ll drive past the skatepark with it in the boot for a month and then send it back?


two skate cafe 8.38 for 72 quid posted (grip applied obvs)

can’t complain

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Slam have got a cliché kids complete for £32. My 4 year old has absolutely no interest in skating, but for that price I might force her to skate.


National have got decks for 30 quid on their website :heart_eyes:

£29.99 on Slam :sweat_smile:

Cheaper than National direct! And Slam City is for sale right? Can there be anyone mad enough out there to buy a business that has to sell its stock cheaper than the manufacturers can afford to?

Not having a pop at slam btw…just at the state of things. Board retail prices higher than ever but shops forced into selling at below trade.

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Everything still shows as sold out for me!

Have you tried with VPN from another region?

Yeah I had to use Chrome in incognito with VPN from in the UK. All other browsers say sold out. First time I’ve needed to do this.

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Just bagged 3 decks!

Slam sorting out flight decks for £83 , boom 2 in the post thanks :ok_hand:t2:

Are they actually good then? Reading the description makes it sound like it could probably be the last deck I’d ever need to buy.

Yeah, that sounds like no fun at all.

Yeah they don’t break at all, I’m pretty heavy footed and when I started back skating 6 years ago went thru a board a week for 14 weeks.
So this saves me so much money . 3 months of weekly skating is as much as I can get out of them before the razor tail and chipped edges a get too much.

So it’s also good for the environment too


Snapped up that Kalis rolling papers board.