Blue Flowers - Delphinium, with Jiri Bulin + team

Mark Kendrick’s recently rebranded Pilgriim-vegan and eco conscious clothing brand has a new promo out.

Solid footage from all the team but Jiri provides the stand out as he continues with his take over year following on from his recent etnies (?) section.

Does a few solid flip back tails and nollie flip crooks, and another legit rail banger, in the form of a perfect back tail on a legit size rail.

Personal favourite was the road gap with 100% natural kicker (no drain/floor pop up). V rare.


Jiri hammering it out…
Lintell got lucky, too! Sketchy situation…

Lotta really good looking crust in this.

What’s the reason for the rebrand?

Kendrick always smashes it. I love all of his videos.

There is already a clothing brand with the same name, operating in roughly the same world. They were there first and are quite a bit bigger.

It’s the reason why the skate on had two 'i’s in its name (Piilgrim) but from my understanding, that wasn’t enough point of difference and it made selling stuff quite difficult in lots of places.

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