Continually updated running thread

Ah fuck, glorious sunshine here, but my knee has been a bit twingey the last few days so taking a break.

10k to HM isn’t such a leap. If you think about running for an amount of time rather than a distance it can really help. Like going out and running for an hour and not worrying about how far or how fast you’re running.

You can get an estimated time for a HM based on your 10k. Then do your weekly long run for that amount of time.


Ah nice one. This looks like exactly the type of info I’ve been searching for recently but wasn’t having any success. :+1:

Similar weekly amount for me, usually split over 3 / 4 runs as I’d like to shift about a stone over the next few months. Strictly night time runs through dark streets making me feel like I’m in a Blueprint ad. Bit of vicks on upper lip when it’s cold like last night to get myself going.

Olbas oil as muscle rub btw :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Used to run loads when I was in Bristol. I got a wierd grinding painful knee complaint when training up for a half marathon, probably on account of doing 15km every couple of days, so stopped for a while and it went back to normal eventually. Couple of years later I got a bad achilles injury out running and decided like an idiot to power through the pain, which obviously only made it worse. Then a couple of years ago, I got a really bad knee injury again from running, which meant no skating for 4 months.
No more running for me these days, which is a pity as I liked it and have lots of local terrain options here.

Ran for just short of an hour and a half tonight. Didn’t feel utterly destroyed when I stopped either. So admittedly it did feel like I’d made some progress.

Maybe not that much progress though :thinking:


Sheff to Norwich is good going, no?

Yeah considering it’s about 3 and a half hours by car, 90 mins on foot is killing it

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You should have said. That arrow looks like it’s close enough for me to have met you with a cuppa & biscuits.

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Absolutely incredible view on my run today


10 days to go on 2 miles a day in March, proper enjoying it !


Haven’t sent anyone the link yet cos I wanted to make sure I did it firstly but if you’ve a few bob spare and want to lob it on here feel free

Niall's Giving Page


Done mate. Nice work.

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Incredible mate thank you

Still trying to decipher who’s sent that one from earlier! Big love to whoever you are :blush::blush:


Not trying to tag on to @tbk11 but my brother is running a half for Alzheimer’s next week.

6th anniversary today my grandad died from Alzheimer’s time flys.

Big up the runners.


Done mate :saluting_face:

Completed my first ever half marathon today. Legs telling me it’s my last right now :laughing:



Easy recovery run tomorrow and then start training for the full marathon!


Sheffield Half has a few bad hills too, right? Good time!

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