Contiunually Updated YouTube Thread

I’ll need to watch it on my YouTube beater account so it doesn’t completely fucking destroy my quality of feed.


good to know that’s all that’s required though :rofl:

That was alright, it took the piss respectfully. It’s marketers understanding the value of skateboard culture, to appeal to other marketers.

Brands like that trying to appropriate skateboard culture is the worst but this definitely seems like they’re very knowingly on the outside and not trying to be all cool. It’d be the worst if they has some ‘upcoming streetwear brand’ on the ad but they take the piss out of that stuff fairly well.

I think. Maybe I watched it wrong.

Whoever made that knows skateboarding and the influence Palace has had.

The fact that it’s Squarespace doesn’t seem so bad.
I’d be more upset if it was another bedroom company doing that.

Thought it was more Supreme-y.

Supreme/Palace same thing.

I saw more Palace because of the brash colours and greek statues

Always enjoyed these over the years. History Guy. Interesting tales from a great story teller who sounds quite a bit like Kermit the frog.

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Had to check a snippet to find out and it’s quite a canny likeness.

I thought I’d carry this over to the Youtube thread (seems the perfect for it and I don’t want to spam up forum help one). Weirdly I found out about this conspiracy theory last night that I had never heard of… Gangstalking, no it’s not your ex and her mates taking it in turns to be sat in a car outside your house.
Who here hasn’t had a day where it’s felt like every random cunt has gone out of their way to make your trip into town an absolute ball ache? I can see why some people would find it easy to buy into it.

This guy usually covers murders but once in a while goes off topic with this kind of stuff but his main channel is quite interesting in that ‘I’ll only watch one, then it’s 2am and your sat watching yet another with a kitchen knife for protection’ kind of way. Anyway gangstalking, anyone heard of it before?

There’s a whole community of people who think it’s happening to them on Reddit.

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Ha, yeah! He mentions it but I know fuck all about Reddit.

That was good. Maybe inspired by this excellent doc:


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