Contiunually Updated YouTube Thread

Figured WayOut would have posted it before now?

Saw that it was a new user’s first post, had Covid-conspiracy music, freestyle bouncing and a fingerflip at an indoor wooden park so put it here.

I think it’s good having all the footage together in one place, it makes things easier to find in the future.

You think it’s good having all the footage together in one place, so you put it in a different thread? And no this is nothing to do with me

Ah! Oops. Obviously that was meant to go in Footage, not YouTube.

Sorry, driving just now while trying to eat some lunch and the baby’s going mad in the boot.


You keep the baby in the boot?

Scotland is a fucked up place, man.

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If she’s anywhere else she’s climbing over things, trying to press buttons and stuff. Changing the volume, all that. Best get her in there, you know?


Sounds like you haven’t got the ropes tight enough


It’s zip-ties but they’re too small. Even when you click it down to the last little ridge she can usually still get free.


Yeah, they can be right slippery fuckers.

Dude shouting “Reverse! Reverse!” having just forgotten that he’s the driver, and presuming that pushing the bumper back on will put the engine back together.


Lmao. He seems non plussed like it’s just a minor mishap on the way somewhere else

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Reverse! Not noticed all the air bags are out and the front wheel is gone. Happens to me all the time.


“Nothing to see here mate. Me and my pal are totally fine and it’s just a paintwork scratch.”

The passenger trying to act like a normal, sober human when the filmer moves round is lovely. Scratching his chin, ignoring the airbag, all like, “OK, sounds interesting”…


“So I said I must get out of these wet clothes and into a dry martini!”


That shouldn’t be funny but it is.

Brilliant. :clap: :raised_hands:

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Christ alive ! Did he have buckfast in his own tank?

Not yt but not relevant on insta blowouts

This is an LED screen


Fucking hell that is amazing

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