Cricket World Cup

Has this been the most inconsistent wc ever?

I think if England win that makes Sri Lanka the winners.


Big toss to lose that.

I mean… They handled the chasing pressure against Australia because it was an easily gettable total… But what if NZ set 315/320?

and from memory I think Lords has been England’s worst ground to play on over the last 4 years.

And NZ keep getting written off and they had India 5/3.

And trent Boult is left handed so he can hit the slope and make things move.


WTF is happening

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Completely undeserved English victory!

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That has to go down in history as one of the most tense finishes ever. Absolutely unreal. Feel really badly for New Zealand, but luck is a cruel mistress.

This summer has really rekindled my love for cricket which had waned over the last couple of years. The World Cup has just been an excellent cherry to go on top of it. So much fun and great atmospheres everywhere.

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Cricket is cancelled. Its over. Its done.

There will never be match to top that one again in our lifetimes.

I watched it back home with my cricket mental family and we were all going fucking apeshit. All the kids were crying. There were scenes.

I literally cannot process what I’ve just witnessed. That was the craziest, most tense, most… Everything… I’ve ever seen in any sport.

People talk about the Nadal Federer 2008 final as sporting pinnacle but nah…this tops the lot.


Our grandkids won’t believe us, when we regale them with the tale.

What’s a Super Över?
Is it cricket’s equivalent of a penalty shoot out?

I think that’s a type of wardrobe from ikea.

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After Joe root did his wild swipe and was out for 7 after like a billion balls and it felt like England couldn’t hit a boundary to save their lives and hitting zero sixes I was saying how gutted I was that this was the game that a lot of people would watch for the first time ever.

If you didn’t know any better it would’ve been confusing as fuck… ‘this is what the fuss is about?’

Jesus fuck. There could not have been a better possible match to have on free TV for the first time in nearly 15 years.

Honestly… Cricket is like this alllll the time :smirk:

It’s just a bit gutting that the Wimbledon final was going on at the exact same time otherwise millions more might have seen that match.

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You could be right.

World Champions.

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Joint world champions. :wink:

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Champions of the former British possessions.

First ever World Cup win for England wasn’t it? :joy:

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Feels harsh that they couldn’t just share it.

They must be gutted for sure, though if that was England people would just ‘oh that’s just typical England’ etc etc, someone has to lose unfortunately and I’d say going on boundaries is about as fair as you can get.

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