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So many more people on bikes right now too. People working from home and the Tour on TV…

Runners and cyclists back around April / May seemed to forget that the huge slab of tarmac that is the road might still have the odd car traveling along it while they’re cocooned in headphones.

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Bad cyclists injure themselves and the odd pedestrian. Bad drivers kill others, all the time.

Not some of the time, ALL THE TIME!

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*LE Tour :wink:

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Loads of idiots on both sides, my current ‘favourite’ from cyclists is the refusal to use designated cycling paths and just going on the road alongside them at top speed instead, it’s like they’re actually trying to die.

Apparently they are immune as the speeds they go are too fast for The cycle lane and therefore too dangerous to be in it, or some bollocks.

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Too fast for them on roads which have a 20mph speed limit? :thinking:

Fucking Strava warriors. But if it keeps them out of busy bike lanes with lots of cyclists of various ages and abilities, then it makes sense on that level.

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It depends on how good the cycle lane provision is. Where I live it’s often safer to be in the road as the cycle lanes are often shared spaces with pedestrians. Much better to have segregated spaces.

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What he said. Same round me, there are lanes that are great and some that are dangerous, and lots inbetween. There are some where I ride out the cycle lane because it’s full of broken glass, wheel eating potholes and fucked drain covers.

Some people on bikes are bellends, but sometimes there’s a good reason for not using cycle lanes. Also (and I’m not directing this at anyone on here) even if someone on a bike is being a bellend, that’s no excuse for putting their life in danger by forcing your way past too close when it’s not safe.

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Yep, points well made there deegwaad and Will. If you’re on the road, it’s always best to ride primary - can’t understand it when I see people (usually novices) riding in the double yellows like they’re the bike lane.

Anybody here involved in bike advocacy on a local level? As in, doing the usual of email councillors about bike lanes, commenting on plans/architect drawings for public consultation, etc.?

I think going on the road when there is cycle lane there is risky, if there is an accident and it’s shown you’re going over the speed limit and/or there was a bike lane you could’ve used I doubt you’re going to be treated favourably even if the driver in question is being a dick. Also, your injuries will be worse than those in a car.

Not riding primary would be a combination of experience and fear I’d imagine.

New riders might not know why it helps, it’s also scary putting yourself in the middle of a lane. I’ve also lost count of the amount of drivers I’ve had kicking off at me because I’ve done it.

Totally -usually there’s a big overlap with people who ride with their saddles super low which gives them cramped legs and slow movement.

Guaranteed you’ll be worse off. If you want to murder somebody, doing so in a car and running them over is probably the best way to get away with it, especially if they’re cycling.

Asking about the advocacy thing as I find it somewhat unusual that the UK has over the past 15 years become a powerhouse when it comes to competitive cycling (thinking of Chris Hoy, Sarah Story, Lara Trott, Geraint Thomas, Mark Cavendish, Bradley Wiggins, Brownlee Bros), but vehicular cycling/cycling as a mode of transport is given piecemeal scraps. Same deal in Ireland to be fair, possibly even worse - cycling outside greater Dublin area as transport is barely viable due to car-centric planning from the late 80s to financial crash of 2008/9.

This is exactly where I’m coming from -

He mentions Blackrock, a part of Dublin 3km from me which now has a segregated bike lane stretching 5km from there down the coast. It gets loads of use and makes a hefty difference for high numbers of people cycling their kids to school and getting to work during the week and then visiting my part of Dublin on a weekend day trip to the sea. Stoked that it’s there, for now as it’s on a 6 month trial…

I’ve had so many confrontations with drivers riding primary in central London. It’s weird when you’re literally going the same pace or faster than traffic but they still feel like you’re doing something wrong by being in front of them. Like they’re in a rush to get to the next traffic light. It’s definitely improved in the last 10 or twenty years though


I notice there was no subsequent round of bike repair vouchers by the government released after batch 1 in July.

There was something on Radio 4 (You and Yours) about this at lunchtime today.

About 20 minutes in…

Dept. of Transport says (along the lines of)…

“Further vouchers will be available when we’re confident there’s enough capacity in the bike repair sector so people can get their bikes fixed without long waiting times”

That’s been on the site almost since the first ones were issued.

I won’t hold my breath then. :-1:

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