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Quite a long way down.

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Made it out for four hours there, and everywhere was absolutely heaving. Busier than a midsummer weekend out there. Horrible.

I known I’ve already stuck this in the Youtube thread and even though it’s bad form here’s a double post for the hell of it.


I can’t find the original post to reply to / give credit for but I’m fairly sure it was in this thread…

I recently started following an Insta account, that got a mention here somewhere, called @26inchlifestyle, and that then lead to following another called @commutebikeclub.

In the stories for @commutebikeclub this week I saw a DIY’d short cargo bike (a cycle truck?) and I really like it.

Not sure whether it’ll ever happen, but I quite fancy putting one together myself.
I’ve got a couple of beer crates, so all I need is the rest.

I think the fork is made by Crust Bikes.

It seems like 26” bikes are definitely a thing at the moment.

This account is good:

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Trying to sell the gravel bike and got myself a lovely Cube NaturePro Allroad bike instead.
Bust the piggybank for it but so much happier for the comfort.

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Now followed.


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