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189mph wtf

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Completely mind boggling. Guy Martin tried to break this record a while back, don’t think he did it but the show was quite good.

17 inch wheels on that thing :flushed: I think I’m slightly less impressed by the fact she was towed to 100 mph first, but obvs it would be impossible to move from a standing start with that gearing. Obliterated the old record too.

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Definitely puts my 60 mph record on an alpine descent into perspective.

I know it’s X Games but a couple of these Real MTB parts are sick. (I guess it’s the bike equivalent of their Real Street skate/film comp thing - not that I saw any of that to speak of).


Lazy bastard

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Rad new 50/01 vid…

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Will check that out later.

Peak District was looking suitably epic today.


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Seems it’s time for me to get the bike back on the road after reuniting with the scales.

Sadly the road bike is buried deep in the death trap of the parents garage, so the 24" jumper is going to get bumped up to 26" and serviced.

Curses upon Lidl and discounted scales


Can someone please tell me where tf I’m going wrong. Trying to put a chain on my bike but I don’t know how to thread it through the derailleur. I did it how I thought they’re meant to be but the gears wouldn’t shift and a couple of people pointed out it was wrong. Is the derailleur broken / in the wrong place? Why is it so different from the other bike? Isn’t the silver bit meant to spring back the other way? Mine is the first in the video

I couldn’t say what’s up with that but if you don’t have any luck or advice to get it remedied then you could try this guy seeing as you’re in Brighton. He’s off Farm Road in a yard/ mews.

I bought some ‘80’s BMX parts off a guy in Brighton and when I got there I saw he had some Skyways that he hadn’t mentioned. The freewheel was seized and corroded on. I said I’d have them if we could get it off. He had a freewheel tool which didn’t do the trick. I tried hammering it off with a screwdriver and it stayed on there. Turns out this Aaron’s bike place was down the road and I called him, popped by with the wheel and 10 mins later it was off. No charge. So if it’s close to you then he’s worth a try.

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