Cycling enthusiasts post here

Love the family bike!


Forum gravel ride this summer then?

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Those bikes with the kid bucket in front are so good, standard transport for kids in Amsterdam

Picked up by the skin of it’s teeth this morning- fucking stoked. Rides so nice


Wishing I’d bought a turbo trainer now…

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I really needed to have a ride today- very weird vibes in central London

I might try and get out for a spin tonight. Just haf an hour would do it.

Get it while you can- seems okay at the moment. Gotta be the most isolated thing you could do exercise wise

New bike day tomorrow :heart_eyes:.

Oh yeah?

Putting my faith in a used carbon bike but I’ve spoken to the owner and he seems like a fat rich guy who never really used it.

It’s a shame it flouro yellow but it’s a lot of bike for what I’m paying.

Excited to try Sram Red Etap wireless shifting for the first time.

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Can lift it with my little finger. It’s way too good for my ability but fuck it.


It’s things like that make me think maybe carbon is not such a bad idea. Very nice looking bike.

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Nice, have you taken it out for a spin yet? Bet that thing is fast.

It’s fast but I am not having not done any exercise for about 5 months :joy:

How did you manage getting the distance so exact? Laps of your house to get it over the line? Done that myself btw…

I had my phone in my pocket and did not get it out until I was home. Literally random.

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Really fun ride today- getting used to gears in city streets that are usually chokka is great.

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Brave doing 50km on a brand new bike. Did you get it measured and fitted?

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