Dadlands Voltarol Open 3 (Saturday 18th May 2024)

He’ll be there on a Powell reissue as you’d expect.


His caddy could bring a quiver.


If it rains we know what to do with the mini ramp

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One of the kids?

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Is anyone wanting a lift from anywhere on these routes?

I’m pretty skint this month and could really do with splitting petrol. Can’t afford to stay so will be coming back down that night.

More than happy to drive pissed people home

No a mate I’ve known since school, I used to skate with him all the time when I was younger

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This is incredible


What time does it start, is it when the shop opens @BAGHEADCREW ? Last year I rocked up at 1 I think and things were well under way.

I’m excited.

Easy bud!

Shop is open from 10, event will start around mid day I believe 🩷

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No one to split petrol gunna go football have a nice time guys!


Knew something would come up my lads got chickenpox, have a belter everyone :+1::+1:

We can just turn it into a chicken pox party.


Detour to Stourbridge and I’ll chip in bro!

Staying at Derby Premier Inn tonight so low key evening / early night & probs skate around there in morning before heading over



Have a good one everyone. I may pop in for 10mins on way back from a hike with the kids.

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the skate park that’s on the edge of a large park (can’t remember the name of it) is fantastic if you’re looking for somewhere to go

@Chopper knows the one, whassit?

edit - found it, Bass Rec


Yeah if you got any legs left or want to chill in the sun with beers and a smoke , it’s great


Im heading up now. Had an emergency call this morning to get pegnet nets.

Will be there this afternoon skating if anyone is there early, say hello

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Yeah went there for a warm-up last time, is good!

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What time are you going? Just finished a first aid course and I don’t want to do anything else this afternoon