"Doritos are connected to skateboarding in a positive way"

Not knowing much about it, I thought Illegal Civ was legit, too. Feel a bit stupid now.

I know more about it than I did before watching half of this short video.
I feel I know too much now by knowing about it at all.

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man, fuck illegal civ, and fuck doritos.

Damn son. Chill.


Aren’t they the crew who go around provoking fights with security guards?

Also doritos are pretty wack TBH, they’re good with a dip but I’m sure wood chippings would be as well


“There’s something super positive about the triangle shape.”

Wasn’t there a thread on the old forum that’d have eaten that remark up like a bowl of doritos?


Not heard of Illegal Civ but all I heard in that video was bullshit, bullshit and a lot more bullshit.

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Was that a joke?

I’m not sure what is more depressing, fires in the Amazon, fires in the Congo…or this.

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Didn’t Flip do a Doritos collaboration a year or so ago?

Ah, no.
This is what I was thinking of:

Its up there with this one, for sure:

The Mc Rib was one of the best thing at McD’s

P Rod looks appropriately depressed there anyway

I think he was self aware enough to know what he’s doing, but did it becuase $$$. Hence the withered look!


My mum always said if you have nothing positive to say don’t say anything at all… but shit the bed if this isn’t the biggest pile of shite I’ve ever witnessed, felt like I was watching some kind of Alan Partridge/Black Mirror parody thing… is it actually real?! Did he genuinely say he was worried about taking his designs in to Doritos in case they think they’re wack… That well known wackness moderator, Doritos…

Just watched it, hoping to understand something… anything.


Confused of Suffolk.


Yep, what did I just watch? Left with more questions than answers!?

Quite possibly the worst sounding headline or title I’ve read since some equally bullshit PR wank about the latest and greatest sock collab from Stance Socks…

Pretty sure this is where skating has ingested its own head into its anus.

every second of that doritos video was fucking repulsive.

Take all the work you can I would advise all skateboarders today, pay your tax and invest it well.