Ethical skate companies

In light of the deterioration of out environment, I was wondering what skateboarding’s carbon footprint looked like? And which companies were actively doing their part to provide solutions for a brighter future?

The only company that comes to mind is Element (and possibly Real with their proactive social campaigns). Does this mean we should all be buying Element product?

On a side note, skateboarding is always thirsty for more spots snd pouring concrete where there aren’t any. Add to that the quantity of wood and urethane consumed and I would sometimes joke that skateboarding is not environmentally friendly at all.

Shoes can’t help much.
Skaters get through more shoes than the average folk I’d have thought.

Was this discussed in the past. I remember trying to find somewhere that sold bamboo decks.

Howies seem to sell ethical stuff…

Shite. 50 for a tee.

Pretty much starts and ends with Howies.

Vulcanised rubber is terrible for the environment as well.

Would be interesting to know which clothing manufacturers have ethical standards in place regarding sweatshops - obviously Nike won’t be particulRly high

Patagonia do a load of ethical things.

Think we had a similar thread on the old forum.

I’m presuming, unlike wood or metal, polyurathne can’t be recycled - so wheels can’t be helping the planet much

I think enjoi did/do something like plant 2 trees for every deck sold, could have made it up though.

Got a Patagonia jacket.
Had it for a while.
Birthday trek to London a few years back.
Found Slam and she asked me to pick something.
Knew nothing about them, the jacket was just nice and years later is still going strong.

They do a really cool thing in America where they tour around in this mobile workshop which was built by a guy called Jay Nelson and repair peoples clothes for free.

I think they also donated a big tax rebate they received to a climate change? charity

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Patagonia are leading the way with (mainstream) ethical clothing.

They donated ALL their black friday profits to grassroots nonprofits/charities, had a campaign to repair all your clothes rather than buy a jacket from them, etc, and they’ve been blowing up.

Alex Weller, friend of mine, used to skate Leigh with him and work at Converse with him, solid fella, is Marketing Director for Europe.

Weller is the fucking man. I hardly even know him and when he worked for Microsoft he gave me his business card and said to email him my address and he sent me an Xbox.

What a guy.

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Stoked for Alex. What was his old promotions company? Third Planet? I hung out there a few times. Rad that he’s continued in that and killed it.

He did all the marketing for the OG Tony Hawks Skateboarding BITD. I did beta testing with Helicar and Harry, or maybe it was Badger and maybe even Chasone, I can’t remember now, before the game came out, it was so sick. And yeah, just non-stop game and console flow from him for years!

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Lovenskate don’t wrap their boards in plastic anymore, they send them in reusable paper bags.


Nice, that’s ten fewer plastic bags a month going out into the world!

This again. This has never introduced anything good.


The clothes are decent, Kendrick makes good videos and Frank Stephens rides for them.

They’re alright in my book.

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wouldn’t a proper ethical company be something like visvim, all hand made and not in sweat shops etc.
a skate comany of that type would be interesting.
bit of a price tag but hey, the planet comes first.

Satta make efforts in that direction, not sure how provable it is

edit - looks like they don’t make skateboards any more

ps damn looks like their £190 bongs are sold out

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