Ethical skate companies

They also offer for people to buy single shoes to replace the ones you wear out in your regular stance.

Honestly not bad initiatives all over - just a tad too aggressive on the marketing front, shoe design and Berrics alignment…

Cariuma also ship their shoes in just the shoe boxes with no extra packaging from what I understand, which is a good idea - still not buying any though.

Hang the fuck on, they let you buy single shoes? This, if true, is the single most amazing thing in human history ever

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Etnies have been doing that for ten years.


The most ethical and sustainable thing Cariuma could’ve done is to not start another shoe company


Anyone else noticed that Cariuma are hooking up anyone and everyone with 10k plus insta following which other brands wont touch with a bargepole?

Literally all the stinkers.


This is the thing with ethical clothing companies. Patagonia are still shipping stuff around the world in containers like everyone else. Not saying what they do isn’t great, they’re a great company but you can’t save the planet by making more stuff.



Well, not Gino…

Wait, is that real!? Gino isn’t on Nike and on some company that sounds like an exotic vegetable?

No. It’s an Insta wind-up nicked from Slap.

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Haha, gave me a laugh that Gino one did earlier :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Every skater they post?

I don’t follow them surprisingly.

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Neither do I. I can’t imagine many on here do…

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