Euro skate videos pre- 2000?

Scratching my head trying to think of euro skate videos that were released prior to Cliché’s Europa or Blueprint’s WFTW?

Only one I can think of is Deathbox’s Spirit of the blitz.

Main thing is company videos not scene videos.

Panic/Blueprint - Anthems, for a start before it turned into just Blueprint. Unabomber - UnaPromo too, does Dope clothing count? Hmm… pretty much before that you’d get UK skaters on American videos like Curtis McCann in Celebraty Tropical Fish, Skypager, ect as there was no real industry here back then.

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Video log 1 to 7?


RollerSnakes Shop videos, not a company. Would a Magazine video like Joyriders count?

Obviously this forum is going to provide lots of UK videos (Unabomber and rollersnakes are good calls).
I’m trying to think of Euro vids from places like Germany, Spain, Denmark, Holland…?

Small Room had a good Swiss distributor and made a video here in 1992 or 1993 I think.

Wasn’t there a unabomber video?

Now I know why you spoil movies, you go straight the end of them and don’t (read)watch the beginnings of it. All you have too talk about is the ending. Haha.

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I read the whole thread really quickly lol.

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Titus ‘Trouble’ (German. 1993).

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:clap::+1: cheers

For some reason I can think of one that appeared in rad, from Sweden or somewhere, I think it was called ‘the gaerralong gang’


Ooh, there’s one.

Crikey, well done.

Wasnt there a Titus one?
Didn’t see it but remember it mentioned in rad.

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Puzzle VM would’ve been around by that point.

What about Lordz Wheels, Conspiracy?

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Dug this Swedish vid up.

Researching has me rewatching the Vice Skate World series which is pretty cool.

Area Oz, by Roots Skateboard Co from Brussels, 2000.


Got that. Area02 by Ride All Day Skateshop.

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