Favour please - help wife's startup!

tl;dr: Wife has VC funded startup, please could you help us by visiting this link?

Long version:
Wife has VC funded startup to encourage/reward sustainable/responsible behaviour with fashion (or any) purchases. As they aren’t very well known it would massively help out if you could help push a recently published Medium post up the rankings. All you got to do is:

  1. Paste this link into browser (so it’s not obvious everyone came from UKSF): https://medium.com/dotty-community/making-saving-the-world-possible-for-everyone-a43ef7211f5

  2. Scroll to the bottom. Read it if you like!

  3. Give it a ‘clap’ (click here):

  4. Big up yourself and thanks for the support :heart:

If you like also follow on LinkedIn if you can bear it https://www.linkedin.com/company/dottycommunity/

They are hiring (for CTOs) at the moment so if you know your blockchain/DAO/metaverse/micro-macroeconomic shit then get in touch…

Thanks everyone I appreciate it.


Hmmm… key question. Does she still put oil in the pasta water?


It’s ok she stopped, she is learning

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OK good.

I gave your wife the clap. 20 times in a row.


I’ve only done it once but I think I was the first one to clap Spanky’s wife


I once applauded her previously but that was due to her handling of him once drunk.
It really was first class.

Also, whats this about pasta and oil?

Done. . . .

She claimed it stopped pasta sticking together when you could visibly see all the oil floating at the top of the water and just making it more of a nightmare to clean the sieve and pot afterwards.

Oh yeah feel free to give her more ‘claps’, didn’t know you could do it more than once!

It does, though. And cleaning oil from a saucepan isn’t an issue.
If you use washing up liquid or a dishwasher, it gets right to it.

Oil in yer pasta water for the win.

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A sprinkle of salt achieves the same outcome and no greasy pan.

No it doesn’t. It just adds flavour.

If you really have to you can put a tablespoon of olive oil in the pasta once drained, stir through and achieve the same non-stick result.

Am I going to have to ban hammer you Brians for going off topic

And btw @Londonskater this has been comprehensively covered in 2019 Pasta


It’s ok I think I settled it. Also gave 20 claps.

Everyone who posted in that thread is wrong.



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