Football Thread - It’s Coming Home

What? Are you saying United were shit before Ronaldo? You’re right they had that really poor ‘99 season where they relied on the mainly English class of ‘92! Kids huh?

  • Not talking about recent United but when CR7 first arrived. Haha *

Lol! I was a glory hunter in my day, All about Hughes, Robson, Mclair, Bruce et al

Just watched the highlights again and some of the ‘marking’ and ‘tackles’ on Weghorst were just unbelievable! I don’t care but still, I’m not sure what the ref was thinking.

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What the fuck. Literally I just want us to play positive, pressing football with an identity.

Fuck this place man, it’s like people just winding people up


Mate don’t get annoyed. We’re having a healthy conflict.

I’m sorry I called you a clown.

I’m open to a retaliation meme of your choice.

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I don’t think you’re asking too much there but it’s not worth getting annoyed about either. This is just a jumble of players who’ve not played together very much, he seemed deliberately choose newer faces so I’m not too shocked.

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Liverpool forward Nunez was involved in an altercation with spectators in the stands after Colombia 1-0 win in Wednesday’s semi-final in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Fans attacking his family apparently, sounds pretty bad.

Shit. Not good. Remember when Colombian captain Andrés Escobar’s was killed because he scored an own goal? Makes England fans look almost civil…