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How the fuck are Newcastle even on that thing.

How the fuck is Trippier in the England squad again? Maximum wasteman

He’s been doing well at Athletico Madrid, but when the alternative at right back is TAA I don’t know how he even gets a look in. Trent is both younger and miles more mature in his playing style. See him being the successor to Hendo as Liverpool captain.

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How the fuck is Keane in the England squad again? Maximum wasteman

i’d fully agree with that also. he clearly isn’t good enough for the premier league let alone england. back line of rose, maguire, tripper and keane is fully shit. declan rice alongside henderson was clearly a bit shit too

should’ve given more time to tammy

I thought Trippier did ok last night, hardly a performance that cemented his role as England RB but not too bad. Rose was awful, he doesn’t look as though he enjoys playing football very much does he?! Not sure why Chilwell didn’t play, he’s always done well for England.

TAA is superb going forward but can be lacking when he needs to defend more, his positional sense in that way isn’t the best, plenty of time to work on that though!

Fucking racists cunts at the England game. Hope we spank them 12-0. Wouldn’t want to be there as a fan after this

If the match doesn’t get abandoned first, which is looking highly likely at the moment.

Just catching the end of this now. What the actual fuck?

It’s one thing to be a racist cunt who happens to be at the match doing a bit of spontaneous racist chanting because you are a racist cunt, but to actually get a bunch of tops made up and make a trip out to specifically be a racist cunt takes being a racist cunt to a whole new level of being a racist cunt. What pleasure do they get out of that?

Bizarre and sickening.

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Not watching but I always feel the best response is utterly thrash the opposition!

I don’t think the main group doing it were anything to do with football. They must use this as a platform to promote themselves.

I caught the end of the live broadcast and this was quite obviously a discussion point for the pundits, one of whom was Ian Wright.
He was saying that turning over the opposition in the game doesn’t settle it and won’t stop it.
He’s not only Wright, but right.

The thing is Ian Wright was saying, that doesn’t do anything to stop it. You can beat them all day long, they don’t care. Taking away the match so they have no platform for it is the only way forward.
Would you say to a skater being abused to go land a good trick and that’ll show them and they’ll never be racist again, if someone was being racist to them down the local park?
Taking away the match, hurts their real fans, their team and their countries reputation, so they’ll have to do something about it. The fans were walking in with banners and were in a group that must be known to their officials and nothing was done to stop them going in to the match.

They were waving banners, making monkey sounds and doing the Nazi salute, they hadn’t come for the score line.

That’s his opinion but personally I think it gives more power to these attention seeking scummy types. You know the sort, the ones that don’t even care about football but just want to make the experience as negative as possible. Hearing England fans getting offended as well is something I’m sure these people enjoy.

It is an opinion based on his own personal experience but yes I do see also that it could promote a large and public platform for the small minded to latch onto too as they get their ‘likes’.

But it’s not his opinion, he was commenting on the protocol UEFA have in place. If there is racist abuse than the game is stopped because even they think it’s getting out of hand. What other job in the world would you go to and racism would be okay? ‘Oh, it’s only Sally from floor 3, she is bit like that, the rest of us are cool though, hit your sales targets and that’ll show her.’ It takes away their voice, people won’t put up with it once games start being stopped. Once racist cunts start spoiling real fans day out, real fans will start policing the stands and that will do a lot more, a lot faster to make sure they are not welcome.

I’m waiting for someone to say that they get paid lots of money so should put up with it. Football ‘bants’ is something different.


Not sure the office analogy works, one to one verbal abuse would be very different, also people aren’t commuting to an office specifically to see a travelling team of workers from another area hit less sales targets than the local workers they’re supporting.

VAR burps at Spurs game.

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Chuffin’ 'eck Leicester.

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Final score predictions? New record?

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