General Election '24

@anonymity can you explain the school thing I don’t understand it.

I went to a fucking expensive private school but only setted classes like maths were super small. Other classes seemed normal size to me as they were the same as the state school college I went to afterwards

Sorry to jump in like 30 posts will read back.

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More funding will make it worse?

£6k a term for Abingdon boys in 2000. I was there 5 years.

Just had a quick check and now £8.1k - that’s for a day boy which I was, not a boarder.

Produced numerous Olympic Gold Medalists, Actors, Majors bla bla bla.

Looking back I wish I’d just knuckled down and tried - connections would have helped now.


That’s what I’m confused about having read back.

We hadn’t noticed /s

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@voodoo i think @Sleipnir and my point is that the plans are a shitty stop gap that doesn’t address the issues in the education system and most likely will create as many problems as they solve.

i know for a fact that private schools parents are being told to pay as much of the fee’s as they can now to avoid the VAT. so if you’re rich enough this literally will not effect you in the slightest

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Back on track with half arsed memes

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I think in the UK we have got so used to the NHS being fucked over our expectations as a society have now warped so much. I had to see a doctor in France a few weeks back to get a sick note for work because I’d hurt my back, I went onto the central website, put in my post code and had a choice of 5 doctors within 1km hat I could see the same day for €8 without having to be registered with any of them. Even if I wasn’t a resident it would still only cost me €30 I think.

It’s not exactly the same system and my taxes are probably a bit higher here (housing is cheaper so I think it all evens out kind of) but it just shows the state healthcare in the UK is in. I’d never have thought about going to the doctor for something minor when I lived in England because by the time you could even get an appointment it would have gone away.



It’s all about keeping our expectations low so when they do things take a few pence off NI we think it’s Christmas.

You’re probably right, you could improve healthcare for people who can afford it by binning the free service and making everyone pay for appointments and health insurance. Not very socialist though is it? I wouldn’t vote for a party that proposed that.

My niece is a nurse in Bristol city centre and she says a lot of her time is spent treating homeless/addicted people who are then returned to the streets where their conditions get worse and they return for more treatment. They can’t keep wounds clean, wash properly, eat properly so they are in and out all the time.

Alongside that, they are trying to work through the Covid backlog and reduce the waiting lists but they have times where patients come in for scheduled surgery and their appointments are canceled and bumped down the line because the nurses are all stitching up homeless people or there’s no bed.

What are they supposed to do? I believe ‘austerity’ in general is to blame for there being more homeless people and fewer services to support them. Austerity post-covid like universal credit cuts and stuff has only made things worse. I have seen reports suggesting that the UK has the worst homelessness problem in the developed world.

Bun Tories indeed.

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I can’t believe it’s worse than America? With their tent cities.

Never forget…



Hahaha fucking hell :joy:


Well the money has been exclusively flowing in the opposite direction for the last couple of decades so any way to claw some back is ok for me. I know it’s not 100% that simple but generally fee paying schools are for the rich and non fee paying is not.

If you’re thinking that’s unfair, vat free status isn’t fair, buying a better education isn’t fair, using the state to train teachers then poaching them for the private sector isn’t fair


Thick as pig shit.

I notice none of you seem bothered about the lack of tax on private healthcare, is it just the education of children that is an issue or are all “pay to use” services unfair?

Good idea that would be a start

I’m sure, like education, the NHS would pull up it’s socks to manage with the additional load. Let alone the treatments and quality of service that the NHS simply doesn’t do.

Curiously these fantastic plans of Starmers are a benefit of brexit. VAT on education and healthcare isn’t allowed in the EU. Another reason to re-establish our relationship with Europe for me

Edit - whilst we’re fucking the public services further. Let’s do NHS dentistry too shall we?

The whole thing really needs looking at. This idea some people have that by using private healthcare they are also helping the NHS is so fucking stupid that I don’t know where to begin.

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Get a grip, it’s just a bit of tax, he’s not banning anything and it’s a drop in the ocean as far as the flow of money goes. If go far further it it was up to me

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