Grindline Documentary

Yeah, I’m not sure they should have kept the seizure in there. Made me queasy.

Good watch, hate the deification of Phelps though n-word dropping kook.

Finally got round to watching this. Brought back so many memories of a SF to Portland trip i did with our crew so really stoked to learn about the history behind it all. Makes me remember how fucking cool skateboarding and skateboarders are.

I think there wasn’t much choice as they were filming the ‘final event’ which was clearly cut short by the injury.
If it would have just stopped and cut to elsewhere, it would have been very odd.

Could’ve easily left it out though.
It served no purpose (in my opinion) other than reiterating how dangerous/gnarly that place is.
I thought it was a strange inclusion but :man_shrugging:t2:

I just mean that narratively, the video built up a that event - and the event was cut short.
The ending was swiped from them, by injury. So, they couldn’t end there and kind of had to explain why it didn’t. Thats why the last 5 mins are a bit strange/tacked on.

Surely just the slam and the ambulance would’ve sufficed? Thought showing the actual seizure was a bit much.

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Made me wince.

I thought they handled the slam sensitively. It was shot from enough of a distance to alleviate some of the gnarliness.

Also skate videos don’t often show slams in that unedited sort of way - they’re often presented in a quick cut, hectic fashion and sort of heroicised. Was kind of shocking to see it play out - the reaction from everyone etc. It is a documentary after all so I think they had more license to leave it in.

One potential positive is it might perhaps make some skaters consider putting a lid on when skating that size of terrain. It’s only a matter of time before some prominent “no pads” pro, is seriously injured or worse.

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But that doesn’t look cool on video, so :man_shrugging:

There’s a link to an interview on Slap somewhere with Grosso where he talks about the unspoken effects of CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy ) in skateboarding and posits it as the reason why Duane Peters is such a fuckwit.


Not to be contrarian, but I also think that Duane Peters might be a fuckwit due to the fact that he is just a fuckwit.

But yeah…can’t have helped.


I remember Grosso talking about that, but don’t know where I saw it.

There’s also this:

DP’s drug use might not have helped his mental state either.

Yeah he was definitely a dickhead before he skated but I’m sure he had a poor upbringing which accounts for it.

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With regards to Duane, I’d wager syphilis has also contributed to his cognitive issues.