Guilty pleasures

Surprised this thread doesn’t exist but I have a secret that I’m not ashamed of.

I subscribe to the Storror youtube channel and really like their parkour videos.

Ah! That feels better.


What’s guilty about that? Despite mostly listening to metal I also quite like girly pop music like Rita Ora


I’ve been putting Jack Johnson on for 1-2 hours a morning when my daughter gets me up at 5.30 just to keep her chilled out. Now I love it.

Got a soft spot for musical theatre and usually put Elaine Paige on on Sunday afternoons when cooking.

I can appreciate a good looking man but would never do, like, tongues or anything.

My recent pornhub category choices.


Such as?

There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure in music, we’re past ‘people have to like certain things if they like another thing’ now.

That’s like having a guilty pleasure favourite colour.

Asking for a mate?

Hey we have nothing but time and alcohol right?

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Come on Judith. Spill the beans.

Are those two of them?


I think Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson one of the best pop songs of recent time

Of course it is.

Gogglebox (up to the latest series).
That first Glasvegas album.

Not really that guilt about any of them though.

First and third are great. Middle one does look a bit shit but if you like it, good.

I like gogglebox.too, it’s a ridiculous idea for TV show but it works. Used to be better when it was more normal folks on it though. I feel like they tried to add more weirdos and stupid people to make it more interesting.


Loved Leon & June. RIP Leon.


Big up!

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Not sure if it’s a guilty pleasure but I normally sit down for a piss.

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Same here, at home anyway. It’s more hygeinic. No matter how good you think your aim is you’re going to miss a bit sometimes and even if you don’t, little bits of piss you can’t even see definitely will end up all over the place. Also close the lid before flushing.


Sitting down to urinate is better for your prostate too. That’s how I do it when I’m at home or at work.

I ain’t sitting on the sink guys.


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