Heitor Pro Part

Fuck this is dope pinched from other thread. Switch frontside flip at the end of the line at Viccy Benches.



This stuff seems like first try shit for him. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Dunno but it’s amazing whatever it is. In my top 5.

Any excuse to post this. Released Jan 2019. 2 years the guy has absolutely exploded.


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I’m not hating. Like in any way at all. He’s a very insanely good skateboarder. I was just a little underwhelmed because I think he’s so talented that’s all.

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He’s my favourite at the moment. Very fresh.

He’s technically good, spontaneous and stylish.

Wish there was some ramp stuff in there as he KILLS it.

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Yer but we can go watch him rinse that mini last summer, s’all good.

His output last 2 years is incredible.

Love it

Will watch that real kid’s part again for technicals but without any joy. This part I’ll watch again purely for the vibe and Stoke

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Two completely contrasting approaches to skateboarding. Both amazing. Love it.


Excellent part that.