I remember the first time...

I saw Plan B Questionable. It was a dubbed copy probably at least months maybe a year after it’s general release. I watched it with the only othef skater in the village I lived in. It made no sense to us at all. The only video I had seen was Publuc Domain and my deck was a 9.5 with virtually no nose and 70mm wheels.

Post your first memories. Doesn’t have to be skating.

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I remember first seeing virtual reality, got hold of a copy from someone who had just come back from the states, it was a first generation dub and was so crisp and clear compared to the 3rd\4th gen dubs I was used to. It was so new the decks they were riding weren’t even in the shops over here. Danny and Colin blew me away. Everything blew me away, nearly as much as Questionable.

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My first popsickle deck was a Daewon Song World Industries (slick) with a tiger and stained glass graphic. I think in was 7.5in and my previous deck was 9.5?!

I couldn’t find original graphic but I found this Almost tribute.

My first pro board purchase was one of these in this colour.
I played ill at home knowing that the guy who had it for me was going to bring it somewhere nearby for me to buy off of him.
Mum was out at work so I nipped out for about 20 minutes to go and get it.
Saved up paper round money for it.
Cost me 30 quid.

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Mid 80’s and the ‘Mad Skull’ on the left is the same as my first Christmas Complete, but in green.
Gonz on the right was my first ‘proper’ set up a year or two later. Shorts = :face_vomiting:.


At the same time as that was the Turbo 2 which was the board I had before the Grosso.
I had no idea about the difference between shitty sport shop boards and real quality stuff until I made the Grosso a complete.

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The first skate mags I saw were a pile a Thrasher’s handed to me by my Danish babysitter. He was a rad guy who skated. He lit the fire in me to pursue the shred plank.
Anyway, he left me a thick pile of old Thrashers probably from around 87-88ish. I was 9 years old and a few things stuck out in my mind:
The Kevin Staab Pirate advert
An advert for Slimeballs or speedwheels sitting in a pile of puke
An advert for protec helmets (?) with a photo of a guy who slammed on a ramp and had a massive chunk of his scalp peeled back. *Edit : Might be mistaken for Dan Sturt bloody knees stunt…?

I let a friend borrow them over a weekend and his mum threw them all away! Gutted!

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My first pro deck was exactly the same. Thunders, risers/lappers and white bullet 66mm wheels, it was a fucking tank.

Mine was a Powell Jason Ellis board (stink) and some Variflex trucks.

I sold my Nintendo 64 to buy it.

My parents took me to Southbank when I was 6 or 7 and I had my little red Variflex banana board. I think the main session was going off around the small banks and bank to wall (pre-barrier days). Kind of crazy to think my parents let me try and ride into the chaos but I don’t remember anyone being pissed off at the kid wobbling through. I think it had rained a bit and as we headed off I tried to ride my board down the ramp next to the old phone box and I remember my plastic wheels doing a 360 powerslide and my mind being blown.

Didn’t actually head back to Southbank to skate until the early Nineties and I remember being taken under the wing of the locals Southbank Sam and co.

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I remember my first encounter with proper skateboarding. A year or two before I started skating I went to a car boot sale with my Nan and grandad when I was about 10, and somehow ended up with a couple issues of what was then sidewalk surfer.

The only thing that I really remember from the mags was a Chet Thomas A Team ad of him doing a hardflip over a bench. It was a good few years later that I realised that sidewalk surfer had become sidewalk.

I remember the first time I had sex, it was to linger by the Cranberries.

Seriously though, I was similar to you max with vids. I watched Gleaming the cube and powell Propaganda religiously for a solid year then I saw H street lick and was like what the fuck! Such a difference.
I saw Virtual reality before Questionable so Questionable didn’t have the same impact that it did for most people.

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odd one possibly but i remember skate shops smelling different when i was younger. i think it was to do with the stickers and the boards being screenprinted possibly.
but if anyone owns a candle company i’d pay to get a candle to smell like how skateshops used to.


That’s weird, I was looking for those pacer boards the other day. There was some in our local bike shop window and I dreamt about getting one for ages. Never did get one though. This was before I started skating properly a good few years later.


Still catch that smell randomly in places and brings back floods of nostalgia


I remember the first time I saw a skate video, it was Future Primitive. I’d been skating for a bit but never seen it in motion. Just watching Tommy Guerrero’s section had me bouncing off the walls.

I remember the first time I went to South Bank. Sneaked up on the train with a friend and got bitten by a homeless guys dog within 5 minutes for getting there.


This was definitely a thing when I was younger. Everyone would want to smell you new board aswell.

Old South Bank and shell centre were amazing. First time we went to that part of London we spent an hour at the bird poo banks. Remember it really well

First time I ever went to road runner (became PlayStation then bay 66). Had some weird and giant obstacles. I couldn’t skate anything except for a metal curb thing that was basically outside the park

Check out the Parade online skate shop