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Photosynthesis he looked like a quiet kid who taught himself to skate on a homemade block his dad made, on a 10m long strip of tamper concrete 100miles from cilvilisation.
Look at him now in the big bad city! Could we argue that Skateboarding ruined him?
Skateboarding can do a lot for people good and bad I guess.

His DC intro feels in bad taste, with 20 year hindsight…

I fear that its prescient nature was probably based on knowledge that DC had about what was happening with Wenning even then.

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From a Jenkem interview (2011) with Wenning.

Whose idea was it for the DC skit in your part in the DC video?

I think Rob Dyrdek and Greg hunt came up with it. When they asked me about it originally I was kinda iffy but Van England was like, “shit man, I wish I had that as my fucking intro,” so I was like fuck it, I’ll go for it. The funny thing is around then I was in Mexico for months at a time just hanging out. Some people thought it was real, and I guess it was real a little bit. I joked about it before because then after wards certain shit actually ended up happening.

BTW - ‘Van England’ was their mistake, (and Chris Robert’s’ recently in AVE’s new shoe review), not mine.

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‘Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has been shot a number of times in what officials are calling an assassination attempt’

great, Keir has set out his pledges for election -

i hate how vague and wishy washy politician wish lists are.

Cutting NHS waiting lists by tackling tax avoidance just sounds like a politician bingo card. It would require legislation passed through the house of lords etc to “tackle tax avoidance and non-doom loopholes”. Even if they got that through, he’s going to use that money to what, hire hundreds of GPs and doctors? our existing doctors are already striking over conditions, he’s going to force them to see more patients to reduce waiting lists?

It’ll be really easy to hire 6500 teachers when 6500 teachers are fired from private schools after their fee’s are raised to cover losses and parents no longer send their kids. we don’t have a shortage of teachers we have thousands of teachers who simply no longer want to be in teaching because it’s awful now. why not try and actually improve conditions for teachers instead of pushing this class war crap.

i wish Keir hadn’t already abandoned their green pledges. at least that was something that sounded good (although if this nationalised green energy company thing actually happens thats at least something)

i guess on the plus side he’s picked a bunch of stuff that the Tories won’t be stealing

double edit - “tough spending rules to deliver econimic stability” is just austerity with more words

this has deeply disappointed me. weak crap from Labour


That’ll have a pee-hole and pubes sprayed on it within 24 hours, surely.

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BBC news reporting in 2024 = The Metro.


Future world champion FFS . Fucking absolutely wrong reason to build a skatepark.
I blame james hope Gill


Yeah, might be time to get him kicked out.

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If only we had the power of numbers, maybe a petition would be good.


I wonder how many signatures that has now, two? Maybe three?

Just looked. Still at one.


Maybe that’s all we need… The power of One!

Taxing the super rich is a good start in my book. Hope they ramp that up when they get in. Right now they are saying nothing really which seems to be working


It’s not just me, the quality of reporting on the BBC new site has gone to absolute shit, right?

So many clickbait headlines and stuff. It’s horrible, i can barely read it these days.

They also moved the Most Read down to the bottom, so there’s basically no way to check the headlines without scrolling through a bunch of absolute bollocks.

There’s basically no good news sites in Australia so I still check BBC out of habit. But I’m gonna go news free soon I think.


Taxpayers money through getting the job as PM . Hope his private helicopter fails on him one day so he’ll never get to enjoy spending it .

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