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I agree re. Mindfield. Slightly overlong, especially if we’re talking about all-time great status. Still an amazing vid, though.
Bon Appetit (which could well be the same length as Mindfield for all I know) worked so well partly cos of those country-specific montages and the use of shared sections. Kept it interesting! Music choices all varied and on point. Plus obviously Jan Kliewer and Lucas!


Nope, that was Cliche’s Europa from 2000 (3 years before TDGAFAU) which made the US take note, mainly as WFTW and especially Menikmati came out around the same time with many similar spots. Europa was full of unknowns, aside from Jeremie Daclin and Pontus Alv.

EuropA, the video, not Europe the continent!

oh yeah haha. My bad, reading fail

…and not Europe the band either.


Man my dates are all over the shop. Clearly I need some kind of skateboard video timeline wall chart

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Too much Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs! not enough Fela Kuti.

Like when you say you don’t like Alex Decunha


Mindfield is amazing, don’t get how people don’t get that. JJ, Bledsoe, Omar, AVE.

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Served that guy in SS20. The lead guy. Said it was the final countdown when he put his pin in.

Not stoked.

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You mentioned some top reasons why it is great but didn’t mention all the other names?
That’s the point I was making.

All I’m reading is…

‘It’s before I started so it shouldn’t count, because anything before my personal time line must be shit!’


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Back to instagram

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Arto, Berra, Drydick, Mikey Taylor, want some more?

Who’s next to have rape claims against them?

This one I only read his side in this post and he sincerely doesn’t think he did anything wrong besides call her the next day.

Seems pretty gnarly for her to make an accusation like that if it went down as he said.

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That’s kind of what I was getting at: how subjective it is. Video days looks average to me but what do I know. I doubt people in their early thirties look at Video days like they do at the videos that were being released when they were getting in to skating (unless they somehow took it up in the early 90s)

It’s things like this that make you realise that two people can interpret the same situation wildly differently and consent is not always black and white. Horrible situation

I’m tired of seeing stuff play out on social media though


Ludvig… Big Ollie.

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