Instagram blowouts

You mentioned some top reasons why it is great but didn’t mention all the other names?
That’s the point I was making.

All I’m reading is…

‘It’s before I started so it shouldn’t count, because anything before my personal time line must be shit!’


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Arto, Berra, Drydick, Mikey Taylor, want some more?

Who’s next to have rape claims against them?

This one I only read his side in this post and he sincerely doesn’t think he did anything wrong besides call her the next day.

Seems pretty gnarly for her to make an accusation like that if it went down as he said.

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That’s kind of what I was getting at: how subjective it is. Video days looks average to me but what do I know. I doubt people in their early thirties look at Video days like they do at the videos that were being released when they were getting in to skating (unless they somehow took it up in the early 90s)

It’s things like this that make you realise that two people can interpret the same situation wildly differently and consent is not always black and white. Horrible situation

I’m tired of seeing stuff play out on social media though


Ludvig… Big Ollie.

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Context. Similar to Kraftwerk making the music they did in the 70s and 80s and why it was so influential to techno, house, dnb and electronic music as a whole. Some of it might be a bit meh here and there, but it’s about what was possible at the time.

I can’t stand stand the fawing and public wanking over the Gonz, but his part in Video Days is really one of the all time greatest. Boards were still super heavy and wide with no/tiny noses, trucks usually had a 1"-2" risers, wheels were around 60mm and he’s throwing down on rails that you’d still see in video parts today. Similar for the rest of the guys on the team. it’s largely about context, what was possible and how people were thinking about skating at the time.


2" risers?!?


It’s exactly like this, and a perfect analogy.
I am a big electronic music fan but I didn’t hear Kraftwerk till quite late on and by that time music was pretty advanced. Their stuff is really basic sounding now so it didn’t have the impact it should have. Luckily I can appreciate art in the context/time it was made, which is important, and in so many different ways.

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Fuck yeah that was nice. Never thought I’d say I enjoyed a nollie front foot flip

God damn I hate the way purple teeth films.

I want to see PJ’s glorious and precise style, not the soles of his feet

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Completely agree but I’ll take what I can get with Peej


Never had Cellblocks under some Gullwing Pro III’s?!! All the extra leverage to get that board close to vertical for your tweenage ollies? No!? Just me?

I thought everyone knew Gullwings had risers built in???

Getting a lot of hype on Insta tonight.


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