Instagram blowouts

It’s exactly like this, and a perfect analogy.
I am a big electronic music fan but I didn’t hear Kraftwerk till quite late on and by that time music was pretty advanced. Their stuff is really basic sounding now so it didn’t have the impact it should have. Luckily I can appreciate art in the context/time it was made, which is important, and in so many different ways.

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Fuck yeah that was nice. Never thought I’d say I enjoyed a nollie front foot flip

God damn I hate the way purple teeth films.

I want to see PJ’s glorious and precise style, not the soles of his feet

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Completely agree but I’ll take what I can get with Peej


Never had Cellblocks under some Gullwing Pro III’s?!! All the extra leverage to get that board close to vertical for your tweenage ollies? No!? Just me?

I thought everyone knew Gullwings had risers built in???

Getting a lot of hype on Insta tonight.


What the fuck, how?

With a durag.

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That thing is fucking huge

fucking hell i gasped when i saw this earlier, no idea how he pops so high he barely even has to bend for it !

Be on Skateline I reckon.

I’m looking forward to this new part.

Same here but the reality is, it could be fucking awful.

i dunno his insta footage is pretty strong still. i have high hopes

New part Aug 19? Did we miss it already?

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QS Lucas remix

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That’s what I’m thinking.

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He’s never put out anything awful.

It won’t be ground breaking, it’ll be the greatest hits of nollie flip crook, switch tail, flip back tail, nollie biggie… But he’ll look good doing it


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